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  1. I like the soft hackle. Will definitely catch fish
  2. CLoyd

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    Good fishing with you too! We'll have to do it again. It was definitely a tough night. We sure tried hard though. Jester had some really good looking jerkbaits, and I pulled out every color my fly box could muster and we didn't come up with much. I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes.
  3. CLoyd

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    I made it till 11:00 last night. I was a bit above Jester and there were several people between us, so I couldn’t get down to them. My tally was a 20 and 22 inch rainbow, three small browns, a small smallie, and half a dozen small rainbows. Black/purple, and red/purple were my colors.
  4. CLoyd

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    Sure thing! I'm planning on being out there.
  5. CLoyd

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    Nice little juvenile brown! I caught several of those last weekend. Once you find one you can usually catch several. They must school up. I'll be out tonight hoping for something big!
  6. CLoyd

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    Good rainbows!
  7. You're right! There tend to be so many fish schooled up in that area, it can be hard not to snag one sometimes if you fish there. There's nothing wrong with accidentally foul hooking a fish, as long as you do the right thing and let it go. Intentionally trying to snag one though is another story. Laker hit on a good point with the story in his earlier post, unfortunately sometimes people's morals go right out the window when they see a big fish. Keeping a big fish to begin with kind of rubs me the wrong way anyways, that's another discussion though
  8. I got out Friday and Saturday night under dam. Lot's of people out there around outlet 1 because of the browns starting to move up. I fished downstream. The rainbows continue to grow. I had several both nights in the 18"-20" range, plus a couple bigger. I caught several small browns, 14" or less. I also lost a big brown that was in the upper 20 inches Friday night when I was trying to net it. It was foul hooked though so I'm trying not to get too upset about it. Another big one swam right up to my legs Saturday night in the moonlight, so they're around. I've upped the size of my streamers to a #6 Hibernator tied with rabbit zonkers instead of pine squirrel.
  9. It was probably a good 10 minute fight. I had quite a bit of line out when I hooked it and it ran me into the backing. It always surprises me how strong these fish are when they get over 20". It made numerous hard runs with me gaining little ground. I eventually backed it into shallower water where I could follow it downstream and get it in before exhausting it. The fish was very healthy though and didn't seem tired at all. My video experiment seems to be the way to go too. I'm usually by myself so it's difficult to get good pictures of fish. There's definitely a good little group of guys fishing at night! I've made several new friends.
  10. No fog and overcast. Good conditions
  11. Caught this little monster first thing Saturday night and was able to take some video of it. 21"-22" and full of fight. It made a run into the backing immediately after hooking up. Good thing I took an 8wt rod and a better reel that night!
  12. CLoyd

    Epoxy Midge?

    Nice job! That will certainly catch a fish.
  13. CLoyd

    Epoxy Midge?

    I use the following for my simple thread midges: -Lightening Strike SE3 Scud Hooks -2mm Tungsten bead (for size 18) - If you don't use tungsten you might have problems getting it down there. Copper is the most common color I use. Sometimes I use black. You can also use gold or silver but I don't have as much luck with those colors. -Wire to match the bead, size Small -70 Denier UTC thread - Lot's of colors to choose from but I like Rusty Brown, Black, Olive, and Rusty Dun That's really all there is too it with this pattern. Feel free to experiment with different color combinations. Once you get this one down you could try some midge patterns that use some extra materials, like the Primrose & Pearl and the Ruby 2.
  14. CLoyd

    Epoxy Midge?

    Are you meaning a midge that's coated in epoxy after it's tied, or the type with a bead of epoxy for the head? Either way I prefer a standard tied version with a tungsten head so it gets down there. I don't even use head cement sometimes, like Flysmallie. Coating them in epoxy will just make them more durable, but I can usually catch several fish on one before the thread get's frayed and it unravels. I would recommend learning to tie them! It's a wonderfully simple pattern to start with, just thread and wire and a bead. I can turn out several dozen in an hour. It would be hard to do that with epoxy.

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