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  1. Put in a RB about 730 am. Water temp was 79. Fished around bridge pillars and around stobs with minnows and slip bobbers. Ended up the day with 22 keepers between 2 of us. Fished in depths of 12 to 30 ft, 10 ft down. Nothing funnier than watching that bobber sink, must be the kid in me. Caught a lot of shorts through out the day. Off water by 3 pm. The crappie made us work for them, but was a good day on the lake.
  2. Put in at Roark Saturday afternoon and the water was clear, had about 6ft visibility but the water was about 5 ft higher than it was when I was there 2 weeks ago. Water was even clearer up above mutton creek. Water temp was 70 when I put in. Had little luck catching anything, I fished 3 to 8 pm.
  3. Has the recent rains muddied up the lake? Was thinking of heading up tomorrow, but did not know how the rain had affected the lake. Any information appreciated.
  4. Just trying to get some information as to what the lake is like. Did the rains muddy it up? Thinking of trying my luck tomorrow, but not sure what water is like. Any information appreciated. Thx
  5. Rootman

    Anybody ?

    Hope you are feeling better snd back on the water soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthy 2020 filled with limits of fish!
  6. Congrats on a good day of fishing! Great job
  7. way Points for brush piles I meant, sorry left that out. Good luck!
  8. Good colors I have found are electric chicken, black/silver flakes blue/silver flaked and monkey milk. The blue/silver is my go to color, just more confidence in it . Just depends on what you think will catch fish. If you have the gps waypoints on your lake map on your fish finder it helps a lot.
  9. I find them around brush piles in 25-30 ft of water. I use bobby garlands and go down to the brush or bottom and tell up very slowly and they hit on the way up. Brush around deep bridge pillars is a good place to find them, same depth. Hope this helps, good luck!
  10. Rootman


    Hope your surgery goes well and you are out fishing again soon!
  11. That I do not know, I actually found about doing it from an old post on this forum. I would imagine you can, when I took mine to get the waypoints, they said sometimes Garmin gives them problems, but mine took them just fine
  12. If you get a unit that has lake maps on it and you want to fish brush piles, I would highly recommend that you take it somewhere that will load the gps coordinates for the brush piles. Costs about $15 but is well worth it. Made my job of finding them easy to locate for crappie fishing. A marine repair in Springfield will do it. Just an FYI
  13. Rootman


    Put in at RB about 930 this morning. Water temp was 44, visibility was about 2-3 ft, was better towards chicken rock. Caught a few around bridge pillars over brush in 30 ft. Went up towards chicken rock and caught several in brush piles in 25 to 30 ft. Color did not seem to matter , caught them on 1/16 ounce jig heads with Bobby garlands. Ended up with 11 nice crappie that brought home for the skillet. Almost all were 11 inches or better. They have moved out to deeper brush piles as the pile I fished had not had a sniff on it till today and caught a lot off it last year about this time. I think things are heating up for the winter fishing. Was a beautiful day to be on the lake, hope others had some success today to.
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