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    Does anyone know if the lake has started to turn over yet? Just curious as to when it does. The water clarity was not that good last weekend, did not know if was due to rain or not.
  2. We had some luck last weekend trolling flicker shads along rocky banks in 10 ft of water. Just an idea for you. Heading up tomorrow to try again. Good luck to you
  3. It was open when I was there on Saturday. It looked like they had resurfaced the parking lot already
  4. Put in at RB about 7 am. Went up sons creek. We ended up with 13 keepers. Water temp was 72. Caught them from 14 ft to 20 ft around stobbs. Used bagley shad colors. Dropped to the bottom and just reeled up slow. They hit on the way up. Bite was very light. They would not touch a minnow today. Didn’t slay them. But caught plenty for the frying pan. Got off the water by 2 before the rain. Hope others had some luck today. Was a nice morning to be on the water.
  5. Sounds like some good eating! Glad you got to enjoy your catch
  6. Put in at RB, went up to sons creek targeting crappie. Tried minnows and Bobby garlands with a few bites and small crappie. As just a thought put on power bait minnows in black shad color and the bite picked way up. Ended up catching about 25 and 14 keepers. Missed also about same amount . Caught them in 13 To 22 foot of water but you had to fish right next to the standing dead trees or stobbs as close as you could. More than about 6 inches from it and no bites. Bite was very soft , but the power minnows was the ticket today. Water temp was about 78, water clear. Guess the black minnows matched all the shad in the area. Did not slay them but had a great day on the lake. Looking forward to better days ahead. Hope others had a good day!
  7. You are da man lmtout! I never cease to be impressed as to how you can find them so consistently. I have tried bb and cannot get a sniff. After a few hours of trying I just give up in despair 😩. Not sure what I am doing wrong , but congrats again on a successful trip!
  8. Did you use minnows or on jigs, Bobby garlands etc ?
  9. Thanks for the ramp pics and update. Been about a month since had the boat out, am afraid it sitting in my yard so long it is going to rust! Be heading up there next week to give the fishing a try.
  10. Great job finding them! How is the water level up there now ?
  11. Should have went with my gut and stayed home, skunked fishing at night under a light. Drew in a lot of bait fish but no bites. I am done with Stockton till the water comes down, hope others had better luck than us
  12. Is anyone doing any good at all on Stockton? Debating about going up this evening, but not sure if is worth the gas expense and sitting in the heat to try and catch anything? Was thinking about fishing till after dark with a light. Any information greatly appreciated!
  13. Rootman


    Sounds like things are very tough bite wise on the lake. How was the water clarity on the lake with all the rain? Was hoping to try to go up this weekend, but reading as to where you are having a hard time finding them makes me wonder if it is worth the trip! Still a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!
  14. Has anyone been doing any night fishing with lights and doing any good while doing it? Was thinking about trying this weekend but wanted to see if anyone had been trying it, thx
  15. Got back today from trip to table rock, stayed at big M on the white river arm of the lake. With Stockton as it is, wanted to try another lake. Wish I could say we slayed them, but no such luck. Lake there is just beautiful, water clear and temps were about 78. Caught bass on cranks and soft plastics in 25 ft of water. Saturday there were way to many pleasure hosts on water during most of the day to fish unless you like bobbing like a cork all day. Fishing that part of lake is so very different from Stockton. No luck with walleyes but to tell the truth did not know where to begin to find them. Had a great trip with my uncle though and memories were made. It’s a great plane to go and am sure a good place to fish, there was also 2 tournaments this weekend do pressure on fish was high. Hope others had a great weekend out to, weather was just perfect
  16. Will do, am hoping for a good dry trip!
  17. Thanks for the information, going to try and get up there next weekend. Going to try and find some walleye on the white river arm of table rock this weekend, staying at big M, hopefully will not get rained out, according to the conservation report, walleye should be a plenty up the white river area, we shall see, thanks again your ability to continuously find walleye is just amazing to me, that is my goal this year to figure them out or go nuts trying 😂
  18. How was the water clarity at RB? I was hesitant to go to Stockton this weekend, have an uncle in wanting to go fishing, so made plans to go to table rock with him for the weekend. Is there still a lot of junk in the water?
  19. Rootman

    If a fella

    Did you have any luck finding fish? Just curious how you did.
  20. Rootman

    If a fella

    Your welcome. Hope that you find some fish. Good luck to you
  21. Rootman

    If a fella

    If you are heading into Stockton from greenfield, the road is on your right as you enter Stockton, there is a road sign for RB road. Turn right on it and just past the supermarket you will see a sign for the boat ramp, turn right at the sign and it takes you to the ramp road. I had never been there and found it very easily, was clearly marked to get there. Hope this helps you find it.
  22. Rootman

    If a fella

    I was up on Saturday, open ramps then were Roark, RB road boat launch, Cedar Ridge and Masters. Water at Roark to mutton creek was muddy. Clear water out of RB road by the dam. That is last information I know of. We had no luck anywhere. Hope this information helps and good luck to you.
  23. They said when I called the Core office they expect it to go 2 more feet by Tuesday , if more rain may go higher
  24. Oops, sorry normal is 867
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