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    Rod repair

    Yeah I wasn’t happy with the two I had done. I though they’d be matched quite a bit better and just looked a bit cheap.
  2. The weights in these tournaments are crazy to me. I can never get into them like that at Beaver. Had a decent day yesterday and got a 5 bass limit but not 20 lbs! Do these guys have brush piles set up everywhere? I came back in just before dark last night and a 3.5 lb bass was swimming in circles by the shore at prairie creek. I fizzed it and it swam right off. Hope these guys are taking care of these big fish
  3. You know 2020 is seriously bad when Lance is posting fishing reports without a boat full of crappie!
  4. Thanks sir, I did see that article before. And frankly, that’s what got me thinking. So much of beaver is not in the depth of growth. A fair amount is rock and prob wouldn’t support it well. But there is a decent amount of “dead water” in big flats with mud bottoms that would do well. I think it has a lot of potential with the clear end and mid lake for spots and smallmouth. But the river section could be A LOT better for habitat and could really hold a huge largemouth population. Maybe it’s just my frustration coming out but I do think there’s a lot of improvement that could happen to make
  5. There are a lot of big flats, especially in the river section that have mud bottom. It would grow. We have a different definition for quality bass lake. It can be good at times. If the stars align. And again I know some offshore guys do well. I don’t think becoming a local expert and catching em makes for a quality lake though.
  6. Agree Bull has massive fluctuation. Beaver and TR don’t seem quite as bad. I’d just think there is SOMETHING that would grow and really help. Would just really like it to be better than it is. Just don’t feel like anyone cares to make it better for bass.
  7. So Beaver is my local lake. And I know there are quality bass in it but they are few and far between. And frankly, any bass over 5-6 is a real giant. Sure, there are 5-10 guys locally that have it figured out. But that does not make it even a decent bass fishery. My question, with so much dead water, why hasn’t any vegetation (ie hydrilla) been planted? There are a number of large areas throughout the lake that would support it. And locally (Quillback you know what I’m talking about) the introduction has exploded bass populations. Do people just not care that much about having a quality bass f
  8. Sounds like a good day to me! Sometimes you just have to take what’s there and not force the issue. Life lesson, but applies to fishing as much as anything.
  9. The Beaver tailwaters have trout fishing. Eureka Springs is the closest city to it.
  10. Thanks Bill, that does shine light on a lot of the costs. I knew there were discounts but not like that. Just wait until they discover underwater drones and I’ll revisit the thread 😂
  11. You’re making a big assumption that everyone on tour (MLF, BASS,FLW) can afford not to be sponsored and buy $20k in electronics. That just isn’t the case. Many of these guys are going into debt pursuing their dream. I just don’t understand why they don’t limit equipment like they do in golf.
  12. They should be limited to one 12” finder at the bow and one at the wheel. No underwater cameras. These are pros. If golf allowed this crap then Phil would play with 20 different wedges and multiple caddies. All of this trickles down the ranks. A guy shouldn’t be priced out of being able to compete. We all know who this actually benefits and it’s really not the fisherman.
  13. Quillback is likely a better source for info, but my advice is to pick and area of the lake you’re comfortable with for water clarity and depth (up rivers, mid-lake or dam) and just spend time out there breaking it down. Don’t get overwhelmed by the size. Just focus on one area at a time. It’s a process.
  14. Thanks for the honest response. I’ll be sure to look for a trailer shop. Now I hope it doesn’t need parts bc that’s a whole other can of worms with Ranger right now!
  15. Mine is a z185 so only one axle. Which is likely why it has an issue. That’s a lot of weight for one axle.
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