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  1. I’d like more performance than a 188. Although I’ve heard they are great fishing platforms. Also, I’m buying used so a 198P or Vexus are likely out based on that. I have a 17’ xpress now and It has withstood everything I could throw at it. I just need a bigger boat at this point.
  2. This is a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if anyone on here owns an Xpress X19. I’m in the market for a “new” boat and am torn between this and a 18.8 fiberglass. Would really like to get a ride in the Xpress if I could. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Bassmeister


    Had the same happen a month ago while the water was a bit cooler. Blood everywhere. Tried the Mountain Dew trick and stuck it in the livewell. After a few hours I thought it was dead for sure but, to my surprise, she swam off. Not sure if she lived but she was in much better shape than when I pulled her out.
  4. Bassmeister

    Beaver 6/10

    I’m always shocked at the weights coming from the Beaver tournaments. I mean, 21lbs?! I have to assume most of these bags are coming from deep. Just crazy for Beaver!
  5. Ok the trout took that day to the next level. That’s a multi-species day if I’ve ever seen one! Awesome job; always like your posts.
  6. I weighed the crappie and it was right at 2lbs. I think that’s the largest I’ve caught so I was pretty excited. I really didn’t try deeper since I didn’t have very long but I’m sure you’re right about them pulling out a bit. Looking forward to the return of warm weather!
  7. Boy what a difference a few days makes. Went last Sunday with a crappie jig casting to the bank and watching it disappear. Probably caught 50 fish. Around a limit of crappie, about 5 or 6 short walleye and the rest bass (a 2, 2.5 and a 3 while on a phone call lol). Went Friday after work and used same technique and area and no crappie, no walleye and just some short bass. Beaver is the most situational lake I’ve ever fished. All pics from Sunday. *All fish were released to fight another day!
  8. I took off work Friday but slept in too late. Got on the water around 11. Rocky Branch area. Caught a 19”smallmouth, 2 keeper spots, a small LMB and a good sized white bass. All on rock transitions in 12 ft or less. Wish I had a bit more wind but was a beautiful day!
  9. I had two keepers today and I’m not sure combined they would have won. It was great meeting everyone today. Good group of folk on this forum!
  10. I’ve never fished a bass tournament before, but this seems like a perfect start! That trophy lasts much longer than any money I’d inevitably spend on lures!
  11. I really appreciate the responses. I have a 7’ Fenwick Aetos Medium Moderate that’s really sensitive with good bend. Also just bought the Dobyns Fury CB rod. We will see where that fits. Might relegate to topwater. I always change hardware anyway so I’m not worried about that. Was hoping to avoid tuning much, though. If anyone knows of alternative blanks they prefer I’m open. I’ll definitely send to Tim for painting. Seems everyone agrees on that. Last year was unusual since the cold stuck around until summer, basically. I was able to get a good WW bite for a while. It was a lot of fun just reading banks and looking at electronics to see what could be successful. Beaver was a tougher bite than the rock, but that’s usually the case.
  12. Awesome, I’ve seen his website before. I thought he did some colors for Storm and Bass Pro. I didn’t know he did custom colors outside those. Thanks, I’ll see what I can get done. Any tips on the KO blanks? Predator seems good but wanting to hear if anyone else has ideas. Some of these look like art. It’s kind of addicting.
  13. Yeah the moss is a pain at Table Rock in late winter/early spring. Seems to be less of a problem at Beaver. 8# Hybrid is pretty thick so that’s why I was asking about it. Wouldn’t think of using 8lb FC as I agree it’s not enough...esp around wood.
  14. Last spring was my first time catching the wiggle wart bug. I have the basics down but could use some expertise in the area. I know this isn't the time of year for it, but I'd rather talk about wiggle warts than go outside and throw a drop shot all day!!!! First, I have some pre-rap WWs I need to have painted. Does anyone have suggestions on who to send them to and what the cost typically is? Also, maybe this is a secret, but what are the best colors for Beaver and Table Rock? Even custom colors that aren't the standards from the old WWs. Also, I know Predator makes some KO blanks. Are these generally thought of as being the best? If so, what do they usually cost? I saw some KOs already painted on ebay from River Rat and didn't know if anyone had an opinion of them. Lastly, line. I used 10lb FC last year and really didn't like it. Didn't hold up as well as Yo-Zuri Hybrid. I'm thinking of setting up my rods with 8LB Hybrid. Has anyone gone that light or would 10LB be the minimum? Or am I really going to be missing some bites using a line that's a bit less sensitive. Any "advanced" tips you all can offer would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can add some input in the future.
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