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  1. Oh heck yes, I’ve had good success with their products. Paint job could be a bit tougher though.
  2. That’s why I try to avoid braid with the ned. I tried my new GLoomis E6X 842 SJR this weekend with 6# FC and thought it was perfect for ned rigging.
  3. They also sponsor B.A.S.S. (Livewells). Bass Pro is a sponsor of MLF to exploit it for money. Just like everything else they do. This isn’t a moral issue for them.
  4. There’s absolutely no reason that our local tournaments can’t move to the kayak phone app method of scoring. And MLF seems to have solved the issue on the big tour. It’s absolutely nuts that we have these big livewells full of water and drive these fish around for 8 hours before releasing them to an area of lake they never knew existed. Then watch them float around bc they came out of 30 feet of water in July. Guess it helps J Morris sell livewell treatment so nothing with change.
  5. Don’t forget the hydrowave and Ultrex lol. Tournament Fishing needs to do like golf. Limit the equipment to a manageable amount. Then you wouldn’t feel obligated to have 30 rods, 4 fish finders etc. It is so far beyond crazy it makes me want to downgrade everything and just have fun again.
  6. I think for 6 and 7 gear ratio the new Tatula is hard to beat. You can find them on sale for that price. I have two 8.1s and don’t feel like they have enough torque at times. I have two previous generation Tatula type-r reels in 8.1 and those will flat do work!
  7. Awesome report, heck of a day it seems! Is the hook small enough for a 2.8?
  8. Wouldn’t expect to find them on bluffs this time of year! Were the bluffs in the middle of the lake or at least by the mouth of creeks or spawning pockets? Sounds like a fun day, congrats!
  9. The smile on her face makes it all worth it. Surprised about the Shad spawn. Expected that mid May. Happy to hear a top water bite going on though.
  10. Awesome day, congrats! The striper on light tackle would be a heck of a fight. I caught a 15# striper two weeks ago on a rock crawler and thought I had on a whale. Do you think the 6# leader makes a difference as opposed to 8? I go back and forth using braid to flouro vs. straight flouro. I sometimes wonder if they get spooked by the bright braid even with a leader.
  11. I didn’t know If the bluegill moved up before or after the crappie. Didn’t measure them but they were pretty big and definitely eating size. Caught on crappie jigs.
  12. Good idea! He’s got em figured out on Beaver
  13. The wife and I went out today for shallow crappie. Third weekend in a row. Mid-lake area. Areas I’ve caught them in past years. Casting to the bank and out to about 10’. Wife caught one crappie and otherwise just a bunch of big bluegill and small bass. Did get one nice smallmouth in the boat though. So confused why I haven’t found a decent crappie bite. Hope everyone else is doing better!
  14. Thanks for the report, I went out yesterday hoping the crappie would be around the bank. Quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Fished out to about 10 ft, gave up and went bass fishing. Wonder how long it will be until they finally move up.
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