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  1. Sounds like a good day to me! Sometimes you just have to take what’s there and not force the issue. Life lesson, but applies to fishing as much as anything.
  2. The Beaver tailwaters have trout fishing. Eureka Springs is the closest city to it.
  3. Thanks Bill, that does shine light on a lot of the costs. I knew there were discounts but not like that. Just wait until they discover underwater drones and I’ll revisit the thread 😂
  4. You’re making a big assumption that everyone on tour (MLF, BASS,FLW) can afford not to be sponsored and buy $20k in electronics. That just isn’t the case. Many of these guys are going into debt pursuing their dream. I just don’t understand why they don’t limit equipment like they do in golf.
  5. They should be limited to one 12” finder at the bow and one at the wheel. No underwater cameras. These are pros. If golf allowed this crap then Phil would play with 20 different wedges and multiple caddies. All of this trickles down the ranks. A guy shouldn’t be priced out of being able to compete. We all know who this actually benefits and it’s really not the fisherman.
  6. Quillback is likely a better source for info, but my advice is to pick and area of the lake you’re comfortable with for water clarity and depth (up rivers, mid-lake or dam) and just spend time out there breaking it down. Don’t get overwhelmed by the size. Just focus on one area at a time. It’s a process.
  7. Thanks for the honest response. I’ll be sure to look for a trailer shop. Now I hope it doesn’t need parts bc that’s a whole other can of worms with Ranger right now!
  8. Mine is a z185 so only one axle. Which is likely why it has an issue. That’s a lot of weight for one axle.
  9. Thanks, was hoping to find something a bit closer to the Rogers AR area
  10. Can anyone recommend a good place to service my Ranger trailer in the NWA area? I have very excessive wear on the inside of one tire and think maybe there’s a bent axle. I hesitate taking it to a boat shop due to turn time and cost but maybe that’s best. Thanks in advance!
  11. Are they typically suspended in the 12 foot range give or take? Or does their depth fluctuate quite a bit?
  12. Sounds like me last year. Got married/honeymoon, new house, new job, new boat. Enjoy all the new in life and congrats!
  13. How does it fish in the wind? Any areas you aren’t happy with? Seems like the perfect fishing/family boat with the extra seating. I’m sure one could add a removable extension to the back deck up to the chairs if they really wanted to improve the space. Seems like an awesome boat but wow are they expensive.
  14. September is the toughest month for me and I basically get things ready for fall fishing that month. Mid-Oct through November is a wonderful time to be out on the water and have been productive for me.
  15. Look out everyone, Lance is taking over the striper scene like he did crappie! I just hope he doesn’t get into bass fishing or I’ll never feel good about my skills
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