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  1. Sorry for the ignorance but which Navionics chip? I’ve been looking and only seem to find different shades of blue for contour shading not different colors. Really appreciate any help!
  2. What mapping chip do you use? I really need to get shading on my HDS9. I’m using the live pro 16 or something like that. It’s not that great.
  3. Creek. I don’t like the one on main lake bc the wakes on busy days can crash your boat into the dock. The rod is in the front of the dock so if you launch away from it at bit and get to the wood you’ll be good
  4. Went out of Rocky Branch around 10:30-4. Got some lovely scratches on the ranger bc of a metal rod sticking off the dock. So that was a great start. Fished shallow bc that’s how I like to fish. Nothing and I mean nothing. Then I was throwing a crankbait to shore while I was in 50ft and had two spots follow it up. I actually did the figure 8s like musky fishing and one hit it and I got him in. That was a first. Anyway, I saw them out there so I threw a jerkbait for the rest of the day. They were suspended over 40-50 feet on points. Only caught 10-12 but salvaged the day. Really wondering if the fall “back of creek” bite was completely skipped by the fish.
  5. Went to Table Rock today with similar results. No fish shallow. Not one hit on topwater. Only keeper was on crankbait in 10’. Had a few fish swat at a spinnerbait but not a lot there. I’ve never fished so hard out there with such poor results.
  6. Very nice of them to do. Just hope this doesn’t result in giant, pregnant walleye being pulled out left and right during the spawn.
  7. I’d like more performance than a 188. Although I’ve heard they are great fishing platforms. Also, I’m buying used so a 198P or Vexus are likely out based on that. I have a 17’ xpress now and It has withstood everything I could throw at it. I just need a bigger boat at this point.
  8. This is a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if anyone on here owns an Xpress X19. I’m in the market for a “new” boat and am torn between this and a 18.8 fiberglass. Would really like to get a ride in the Xpress if I could. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Bassmeister


    Had the same happen a month ago while the water was a bit cooler. Blood everywhere. Tried the Mountain Dew trick and stuck it in the livewell. After a few hours I thought it was dead for sure but, to my surprise, she swam off. Not sure if she lived but she was in much better shape than when I pulled her out.
  10. Bassmeister

    Beaver 6/10

    I’m always shocked at the weights coming from the Beaver tournaments. I mean, 21lbs?! I have to assume most of these bags are coming from deep. Just crazy for Beaver!
  11. Ok the trout took that day to the next level. That’s a multi-species day if I’ve ever seen one! Awesome job; always like your posts.
  12. I weighed the crappie and it was right at 2lbs. I think that’s the largest I’ve caught so I was pretty excited. I really didn’t try deeper since I didn’t have very long but I’m sure you’re right about them pulling out a bit. Looking forward to the return of warm weather!
  13. Boy what a difference a few days makes. Went last Sunday with a crappie jig casting to the bank and watching it disappear. Probably caught 50 fish. Around a limit of crappie, about 5 or 6 short walleye and the rest bass (a 2, 2.5 and a 3 while on a phone call lol). Went Friday after work and used same technique and area and no crappie, no walleye and just some short bass. Beaver is the most situational lake I’ve ever fished. All pics from Sunday. *All fish were released to fight another day!
  14. I took off work Friday but slept in too late. Got on the water around 11. Rocky Branch area. Caught a 19”smallmouth, 2 keeper spots, a small LMB and a good sized white bass. All on rock transitions in 12 ft or less. Wish I had a bit more wind but was a beautiful day!
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