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  1. Thanks for the honest response. I’ll be sure to look for a trailer shop. Now I hope it doesn’t need parts bc that’s a whole other can of worms with Ranger right now!
  2. Mine is a z185 so only one axle. Which is likely why it has an issue. That’s a lot of weight for one axle.
  3. Thanks, was hoping to find something a bit closer to the Rogers AR area
  4. Can anyone recommend a good place to service my Ranger trailer in the NWA area? I have very excessive wear on the inside of one tire and think maybe there’s a bent axle. I hesitate taking it to a boat shop due to turn time and cost but maybe that’s best. Thanks in advance!
  5. Are they typically suspended in the 12 foot range give or take? Or does their depth fluctuate quite a bit?
  6. Sounds like me last year. Got married/honeymoon, new house, new job, new boat. Enjoy all the new in life and congrats!
  7. How does it fish in the wind? Any areas you aren’t happy with? Seems like the perfect fishing/family boat with the extra seating. I’m sure one could add a removable extension to the back deck up to the chairs if they really wanted to improve the space. Seems like an awesome boat but wow are they expensive.
  8. September is the toughest month for me and I basically get things ready for fall fishing that month. Mid-Oct through November is a wonderful time to be out on the water and have been productive for me.
  9. Look out everyone, Lance is taking over the striper scene like he did crappie! I just hope he doesn’t get into bass fishing or I’ll never feel good about my skills
  10. Thanks for the positive report. Ice and chemicals do seem to help. How deep into the year do you have these tournaments?
  11. Xpress perform well and are really tough. Fit and finish aren’t the best but if you want that buy a glass boat. The compartments aren’t dry. The wind will be an issue but spot lock helps a lot. They will tip more than glass. In short it’s a floating tank that performs well top end. You can beat them up a bit more and not worry about gel coat scratches or blisters. If you want looks or perfection get a glass boat. It’s all a trade off. 2018 and newer are wider in the front and seem better finished. Crestliner isn’t a high performance boat and is just different. Which is just what some want. My $.02
  12. I agree spinning is where it’s at for the 2.8” and even 3.3 is good. 3.8, I’d go casting. Personal preference though. I do think one overlooked issue is the hook set. I like a rod with give but also a backbone because I really just lean into them and reelset the hook when the rod loads. A bit more than a wiggle wart but not nearly like a jig or even spinnerbait. I want them to eat it because sometimes they do come back for it if they didn’t fully take it the first time.
  13. I use a Daiwa Tatula TAT701MRB. I don’t throw heavy heads or it would be underpowered. You want something that will load a bit but not a crankbait rod.
  14. I’d be all for the same setup Kayak tournaments use. The same one I think was used for the ozark anglers tournament. If they had something like that with a low entry fee, that would be great. I’m not out there to make money (almost no one does), but I do like to compete. But I don’t enjoy the moral quandary of dragging fish all over the lake.
  15. GP video would be amazing! I agree that the fish move a lot on Beaver. But at the same time, I see a lot of the same names at the top of the bass tournaments on that lake. If the fish kept moving then I’m not sure you’d see that. I just figured they were fishing offshore and had a great milk run of structure and brush to hit. I’m always shocked at how the winning weight is often in the 18 pound range. I could see that on table rock but that’s hard to imagine on Beaver.
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