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  1. I agree spinning is where it’s at for the 2.8” and even 3.3 is good. 3.8, I’d go casting. Personal preference though. I do think one overlooked issue is the hook set. I like a rod with give but also a backbone because I really just lean into them and reelset the hook when the rod loads. A bit more than a wiggle wart but not nearly like a jig or even spinnerbait. I want them to eat it because sometimes they do come back for it if they didn’t fully take it the first time.
  2. I use a Daiwa Tatula TAT701MRB. I don’t throw heavy heads or it would be underpowered. You want something that will load a bit but not a crankbait rod.
  3. I’d be all for the same setup Kayak tournaments use. The same one I think was used for the ozark anglers tournament. If they had something like that with a low entry fee, that would be great. I’m not out there to make money (almost no one does), but I do like to compete. But I don’t enjoy the moral quandary of dragging fish all over the lake.
  4. GP video would be amazing! I agree that the fish move a lot on Beaver. But at the same time, I see a lot of the same names at the top of the bass tournaments on that lake. If the fish kept moving then I’m not sure you’d see that. I just figured they were fishing offshore and had a great milk run of structure and brush to hit. I’m always shocked at how the winning weight is often in the 18 pound range. I could see that on table rock but that’s hard to imagine on Beaver.
  5. That’s surprising you don’t get more tin boats out. Sounds like a fun time. I assume it’s 5am-1pm or is it an evening tournament?
  6. Go to FB if you wanna discuss that. And I sincerely mean that in the nicest way I can. We need a sanctuary from that noise on this forum. All the best brother
  7. If it wasn’t that way we’d get bored
  8. I’m convinced that each time Lance goes crappie fishing on Beaver, he starts out clean shaven. And he will fish as long as he needs to for his limit and then immediately comes home. Often with an 6 inch beard. 😂 What I’m trying to say is that almost no one figures out that lake and we all just appreciate the few good days we have on it!
  9. Wow, thanks for the update. I may give it a shot Monday
  10. Is the launch area at Big M usable yet? Or would Eagle Rock be the best bet? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks, good advice! I’ve taken a similar approach but it’s kind of hit or miss for me. I either get them really early or not at all. Luck of the draw for me since I don’t know all of the spots and don’t want to run up on guides. So I guess right or I don’t. It sure is fun though. Makes me wonder why I’ve spent so much time and money catching black bass when there are so many other ones out there that can be more fun.
  12. Do they typically hit top water in the mornings all year or just in the summer? I haven’t figured out their migration other than maybe around Prairie Creek in the cold weather time and dam when it’s hot. I’m going to try to target them a bit more with bass gear. I can’t stand live bait fishing so that’s out.
  13. Let us know how they work!
  14. I use the academy H2O as well. I also tie it to my marker buoy so the string doesn’t get tangled. Instead, 2 uses for 1 tool.
  15. Ok now the Tokyo Rig REALLY gets me thinking that line visibility does not matter. If they aren’t spooked by a large wire hanging down and a huge weight, I’m not sure what more visible line could do
  16. That sucks. I’m tired of consolidation in the market for bass anglers
  17. Lance, those crappie are getting frostbite. I’ve seen the same 4 a dozen times already lol. Good job bud, you’re always consistent. I’m waiting for the beard to grow back so I can spot you out there!
  18. Oh heck yes, I’ve had good success with their products. Paint job could be a bit tougher though.
  19. That’s why I try to avoid braid with the ned. I tried my new GLoomis E6X 842 SJR this weekend with 6# FC and thought it was perfect for ned rigging.
  20. They also sponsor B.A.S.S. (Livewells). Bass Pro is a sponsor of MLF to exploit it for money. Just like everything else they do. This isn’t a moral issue for them.
  21. There’s absolutely no reason that our local tournaments can’t move to the kayak phone app method of scoring. And MLF seems to have solved the issue on the big tour. It’s absolutely nuts that we have these big livewells full of water and drive these fish around for 8 hours before releasing them to an area of lake they never knew existed. Then watch them float around bc they came out of 30 feet of water in July. Guess it helps J Morris sell livewell treatment so nothing with change.
  22. Don’t forget the hydrowave and Ultrex lol. Tournament Fishing needs to do like golf. Limit the equipment to a manageable amount. Then you wouldn’t feel obligated to have 30 rods, 4 fish finders etc. It is so far beyond crazy it makes me want to downgrade everything and just have fun again.
  23. I think for 6 and 7 gear ratio the new Tatula is hard to beat. You can find them on sale for that price. I have two 8.1s and don’t feel like they have enough torque at times. I have two previous generation Tatula type-r reels in 8.1 and those will flat do work!
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