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  1. Keiththom

    Photos needed?

    I do quite a bit of photography. I'm not sure what you need, but if I have something, you would be welcome to use it.
  2. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    Here is my top. The bad parts are taped over with Guerilla tape. Every dealer I've talked to about this say that they replace more lower halves than tops, but both are prone to cracking. I wish knew if they've improved any in the last 10 years. From internet searches, I'd say they probably haven't.
  3. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

  4. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    I've got this 1756 Weldcraft with the 90 ETEC now. I'll probably see what they'll give me in trade for a smaller boat. If anyone is looking for something like this, I'll probably sell it for a little over what they offer me in trade in. I've barely run this motor. The cover was cracking and so I went out and bought a new cover. $1000.00 for an engine cover !!! It's still plastic wrapped. I'll run the old cracked one and put the new one on when / if I sell it.
  5. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    Seth: I fish above Cuba a lot. There's not much water and that's why I run with the Cargo Canoe. (People use these canoes to haul out moose) But I see guys with 60/40 navigating it pretty well. I can't do it with my 90. So my jet does a lot of sitting. I don't use it much. If I downsized to a smaller boat and 60/40, id probably use it a lot. I'm definitely gravitating towards another ETEC, just for the weight issue. (Even though I've had major issues with ETEC's plastic covers.)
  6. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    Whats the maintenance schedule like on your mercury? Does anyone know what Yamaha is offering these days?
  7. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    Got a pic? Where'd you get it?
  8. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    Thanks - that does help. Seth- When I fish spots in the upper meramac, I use what they call a "Cargo Canoe" with an 8 hp prop motor. It's huge and I can take it anywhere. I can't do that with the jet. When I run out of water, I can drag the cargo canoe over the riffles. I could drag it over land if needed. I'd tear my big jet up running as shallow, and it's too big to drag. With a 150, I'd be in even more trouble. In these small streams, the 90 is plenty fast enough for me. I'm more a fisherman than racer. I can't even manhandle the 1756 / 90hp down stream in the really shallow spots. The 150 would be much worse. But one thing I haven't researched: you say that Weldcraft is sturdier than Blazer? Why is that? If so, I'll stick to weldcraft. The reason I like Ernies, is that he's done things for me he didn't have to do and treated me right. When the engine cover and lower covers on my ETEC disintegraged and cracked up and begin to fall off, Evenrude said it was cosmetic and wouldn't help me. Ernie did anyway. It is a long way to go though. I really like the floor he put in my boat. I havn't seen anyone else but him put in these perforated metal floors that just stay cool. I've been to Trouts a lot of time. I may go check them out again.
  9. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    My last jet boat was built by "The Jet Doctor" / Ernies sales and Service in Ellington. They treated me right, so I'll have them build me another one. They do a couple of things that Trouts or CowTown don't when building a boat. Right now, I'm thinking a 1752 with a 60/40 ETEC. I'm thinking going with the .100 grade aluminum, although that will make it a bit heavier. Center console and 2 seater. Front deck. I'm just nervous about how well the motor will push it. My present boat is a 1756 Weldcraft with a 90 HP ETEC. The problem I'm having is that in the places I run, I can't man handle the boat thru the riffles. It's just too heavy. I need something lighter.
  10. Keiththom

    Rig for fishing

    I've got a 1756 weldcraft with a 90 hp ETEC on it. It's very hard / impossible to pull over the riffles. I want to downsize. I was thinking about a 1752 blazer with a 60/40 jet? Either ETEC or Merc? What's your recommendations? The mercs require more maintenance and are heavier. The covers on the ETECS are bad about cracking and falling apart. But light is good where I go - upper meramac. Thoughts?

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