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  1. There's lots of nice spots around Eminence / Current River / Jacks Fork. But I can see it turning into another Branson some day.
  2. Definitely looks like I need to check out the Jacks Fork !
  3. I don't think a 90 hp etec jet would be legal in most places on the current river. They have a 40 hp restriction.
  4. You are probably correct. So a 90 etec would not be legal where they restrict it to 40 hp "at the prop."
  5. What would a 90 Etec Jet measure at the jet? Many rivers have restrictions and go by "Horsepower measurements are the industry standard as measured at the propeller shaft." Does anyone know where I can find that information? I always assumed it measured 40 at the jet? But maybe not.
  6. Meramac state park up to Steelville is my usual hangout. And yes it's nice. I'm retiring soon and I'm looking for a "home in the woods with nice fishing and good scenery." St Louis is getting too close to me. And yes, it seems like the best places have been ruined by hordes of people and jet boats.
  7. That's funny! Actually, the upper Big is very nice.
  8. This may not fit in this forum but I didn't know where else to put it. Question: In you own opinion, what would you consider to be the most scenic river / stretch of river in this state? Hopefully with a nice population of smallmouth. I've heard some name the black river and I've never been on it? Just wondering what others thought. I've floated and fished quite a few of our streams, but haven't done them all.
  9. Is there a boat ramp at Washington state park. A friend says there is and the website says there is. I've motored up to the park many times and have never seen it. I was supposed to put in there this weekend.
  10. It's been many, many years since I've pulled in a Walleye. And I fish the meramac a lot for smallies. What's a good method, if someone wanted to target these fish? Or at least have a reasonably decent chance at pulling one in.
  11. Unfortunately, Tonto suffered an early death due to a rattlesnake bite.
  12. A few pics of a Timber I found a couple of days ago. And a moccasin.
  13. I suspect you're right. I detest tournaments. Any time you mix harvesting wildlife with money, it seldom turns out good.
  14. Typically what we see in some species, in some areas, are that reptiles and amphibians will spend time in one area during the summer and "migrate" to more protected areas to hibernate. Where this is especially evident are spots where swampland joins rocky bluffs. The snakes will move down in the swamp during the summer. Then when temps cool, they move back up to holes, cracks and crevices in the rocks for protection during hibernation. Here is a Moccasin and copperhead I shot recently.
  15. I'm searching rocky outcrops. Places where they congregate in the fall for hibernation. Here is a Pigmy I found:
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