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  1. Is Crane up and out of it's banks or running bankfull or not in too bad of shape? I have some free time this weekend and would like to fish Crane but I'd rather not drive an hour to find out it isn't fishable.
  2. Wondering if anyone has a report on the current stream conditions at Bennett after the rain we got last night and today? I see water levels and stream flow are up according to the USGS website but I haven’t fished it enough to know what that translates to in fishing conditions. Thinking about heading there tomorrow but don’t want to make the hour drive if it is blown out. Thanks.
  3. I was thinking about heading to Crane for the first time this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any recent intel they would be willing to share. This will be my first time fishing Crane. TIA!
  4. Yes, I will be fly fishing and wading.
  5. I'm thinking about heading down to fish Taneycomo after work some night this week and was looking for an evening fishing report. I would probably be able to fish from around 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm. I'll be fishing below the dam. Anyone have a report or any suggestions for this time of day down there? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm new to the area and want to fish Crane Creek very badly. Not knowing much about the creek I am wondering what the water temps are like in the middle of the summer. I'd like to fish it soon but if the water temps are high I will wait as to not stress and/or kill fish. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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