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  1. Recently i find-out a camping gear review article which goes into more detail on a few things. It can be found here. https://getcampingwild.com/ I'm thinking to buy a lots of new camping equipment this season.
  2. I'm going to Montana on September 1 to an Outfitter to bowhunt elk. The outfitter recommends fixed broadheads for elk. I have always had great success with 2 mechanical blades such as rage chisel tips, hypos, xtremes, and killzones. He said that the G5 Montecs is what most people use there. Will I be good with the expandables or should I go with a fixed head? What kind, if so? I looked at the shuttle, the tricks and the Montecs. What is the difference? I'm shooting a 70-pound bow with approximately 340-355 Ibo at 27 1/2 "dl and Easton fmj 340s with 50 grain of bronze inserts in the front.
  3. I look forward to getting to learn from everyone. I have only been shooting longbows for 2 years and waiting on a new Poison Dart bow! I love to hear/read about all the fun hunting trips and advise everyone has.
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