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  1. Gaining weight and not on a stringer. Guess I've been following the wrong kind of food lately!
  2. Don't mean to make light of the problem, and hold up for the illegal giggers but Great Blue Herons poke holes in fish too! I used to see that at the fish hatchery all the time.
  3. I believe they are legal to gig or bowfish in impounded waters (lakes) in the daytime all year. But they would be extremely difficult to gig in streams in the daytime due to their rapid movements and just plain wariness during daylight hours. You SM bass guys need to realize that suckers and other non-game fish can mess with the spawning activity of game fish including the consumption of eggs. So, gigging them and keeping the sucker population (Numbers) under control may be a good thing.
  4. Try fishing for a few days at 60 ft. deep ( or far below the summer thermocline) in any lake and see what you catch! Not just a theory....................
  5. I like to fish where the fish are. End of story.
  6. The fish you catch are where you catch them! huh? Like I said, fish will chase forage fish OR feed outside of their comfort zone if needed. But, the thermocline is usually there in summer months and that zone is where they are most comfortable. Junk science or not, it is an important factor that warrants consideration. Most anglers know that there are a lot of factors involved with being successful. By the way, I guess climate change is a myth (junk) too.
  7. Certainly the thermocline relates directly to temperature change over a short distance of depth. But more importantly from a fishing standpoint, the oxygen content corresponds directly to how deep the fish can survive for any length of time. In other words, if oxygen is below 3 ppm below the thermocline the fish will not stay there for very long. I have often heard people talk about catching fish below the thermocline but I think that happens only when fish are pursuing prey species and for short periods of time. Keep in mind that larger fish tend to have higher oxygen demands than smaller fish (varies some by species). Also, most freshwater, warm water sportfish species become stressed at anything above 80-82 degrees F. which usually results in less feeding activity. And, in turn causes them to seek thermal refuge in that thin transitional layer of mixed cool and warm water at the thermocline, only leaving that "comfort zone" for short feeding periods. For the above reasons, I really don't buy the stories about giant catfish living at 100-200 ft. deep (reports by divers) in Missouri lakes, especially during the summer months. Anyone want to weigh in on that?
  8. Hey, There's a whole lot of folks that would be happy with 5 keeper eyes in a day! Maybe that beautiful wife had you distracted though!!??? Hmmm ....
  9. Again, Thanks for the link Mojorig. Interesting that the July 10 readings indicate a thermocline on the upper little Sac at around 21 ft. Not so much from the temperature standpoint but from the D.O. reading. I have a feeling that the flow thru the system caused by the flooding is playing havoc with the thermocline. I image that there are areas of the lake that are more "protected" from the central or main lake flows that the thermocline does exist. The sudden drop off of D. O. may be partially due to the accumulation of decomposing vegetation washed in by the floods. All in All its been one crazy summer on the lake (s)!
  10. Does anyone know if the thermocline ever developed this summer? Maybe the high water and subsequent high releases kept it from forming???
  11. Where's the Docks? I used to fish LOZ a few years back. A great fishing lake IF you go in the winter!
  12. No doubt where lmt out gets the name!
  13. Green Alumacraft with 115 Yama! Lots of boats Saturday, but plenty of fish.
  14. Same results Sat evening!
  15. The closest ramp is probably the Greenfield access on the Big Sac Arm (from Springfield take Hwy 160 west Through Willard, Ash Grove and Everton) Turn right on CC hiway about 6 Miles before you get to Greenfield. The access is about 3 miles on the left. Next closest would be the Aldrich access on the Little Sac Arm. Again west on 160 but take 126 to the right just west of Willard, go thru Walnut Grove, Eudora, past the Bait Masters Store and the ramp is on the left. Both are on the upper end on the lake and are not typically the best fishing areas at this time of year (except for catfish). (some may disagree with that analogy) Black bass, Crappie, White bass and walleye are the most popular and sought after, with catfish close behind. If you want catch walleye you probably need to head down lake and maybe go to Cedar ridge boat ramp (left on 215 at Bait masters, right on 245 at Bona, Left on RA 1 mile north of Bona). Fish the edges of the flats close to deep water this time of year. Trolling crankbaits 15 to 25 ft. deep or jigging light colored jigs tipped with a nightcrawler in those areas is probably your best bet. AND.... tune in often to this website to get more tips for fishing Stockton! But really, the fishing isn't any good on Stockton................Good luck!
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