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  1. The "Master" baiter store was on the east side of the Hwy, just across from the new Bait Master.
  2. I've always been happy with the size of minnows and count at Country depot (Son Sac North). Jct. of 215 and Y. But Occasionally, they will get small depending upon the time of year and demand. They also have a good supply/selection of artificial at decent prices. (matches or beats Bass pro!)
  3. Not many SMB in the lake, but a fair number in the PDT river above the lake. Maybe they are afraid of those large toothy critters! 😁😁
  4. Gasoline was 19 cents/gal. in the early 60's during a gas war at Cane Hill!
  5. The real example of "a cheap date". Gasoline was probably around 2 cents a gallon back then.
  6. Yeah, almost too late for duck season and too early for spawning. The COE must be releasing a lot of water for the muddy water to be moving down the lake that quick.
  7. Seems like I've seen those fish somewhere before! Good job! Thanks too!
  8. I have heard reports of blue cat caught in PDT but none were ever officially verified. And none in any of the creel census data. However, there are certainly a lot of blues in the Osage River system so it is very possible. The same goes for Stockton lake. I suspect that most of the blue reports are large Male channel cats.
  9. I'd bet the mountain people will appreciate those crappie! Better than those orange flesh fish. Have a safe trip.
  10. I've always found that you catch them on whatever they bite on! Just add a little patience and this time of year, go slow, slow, slow. 🐟
  11. Boat ramps are covered with Ice and snow, time to clean and oil the best reels and get ready for better weather! (wore out the Zebco 202's) And, Merry Christmas to all of you Ozark Anglers and have a great New Year fishing the best fisheries in the nation!
  12. Finally made it out on the lake today, just me, (wife was shopping for me, darn I couldn't go!). December weather was fantastic! Fished from 12:30 to 4:30 out of Mutton Creek. Caught 11 keeper crappie from 10 to 14 inches one short walleye and a lowly Wht. Bass. All from 25-30 ft. deep off of brush piles on Garland baby shad. Can't wait to fry 'em up!
  13. Sometimes, if all the stars line up, the COE will consider a small lake rise to better accommodate migrating waterfowl. Not saying that that is the situation now, but it makes the duck hunters happy!
  14. I was able to download the GPS waypoints from the MDC site myself with my old Lowrance unit using the EasyGPS program on an SD card. I am assuming I can still do that with a Garmin?
  15. olfishead


    Good report! I'll be out tomorrow.
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