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  1. Good job! Looks like Mutton is heating Up! Pam and I going to try it this pm.
  2. To all the Ozark Anglers, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! and may you have your lines stretched many times in 2021. STAY SAFE!
  3. Wow, looks like fun! One of these days I'll get out again. For the foreseeable future I'll be building a shouse for my son.
  4. You didn't show my entire post, did you? You might apply for a job with the biased media, you'd fit right in!
  5. Another over-priced and vague quote from a so called boat mechanic and want-to-be fish biologist. That's the problem with this mechanic he never gives a straight answer on price. It's always PLUS some more. Glad he's not a biologist he wouldn't be able to give a straight answer on anything as complicated as fish biology.
  6. Yeah, it's more about trolling now, mostly by a know-it-all mechanic.
  7. Ok, I was wrong, you've apparently been drinking something stronger than coffee.
  8. It's no use, "toothpicks in a glass of water" LOL, you can't reason with an idiot.
  9. Yes, there's usually two sides to every story and neither of them is intentionally rude.
  10. Exactly, septicemia (bacteria) or saprolegnia (fungal) or combination. Often caused by stress due to water quality problems, handling or parasites. A common problem in Pomme in muskies and white bass. Having been the fisheries biologist on Pomme for many years I saw this especially after heavy spring rains flooded vegetation that in turn caused low Oxygen as the vegetation decomposed, causing stress and weakened immunity. Also related to influx of nutrients. (Time for coffee) What ARE you talking about???? MDC never considered "jacking" with the gene pool of the white bass at Po
  11. There were a lot of glass shrimp in the upper end of Truman in the 80's. I don't know about now???
  12. Probably around 14 inches but I didn't fish Stockton much between 1980 and 2012.
  13. Wow, I don't know where that video was taken but they might as well used a fillet knife to see what that muskie ingested. Rediculous method. We certainly never used that method at Pomme. When it comes down to it they feed on whatever swims by with lots of variables.
  14. Only time will tell huh? I agree that fall is usually a tough time of year to catch the larger crappie, but due to the increased pressure caused by covid 19, the older, legal sized year classes took a big hit this spring/summer. However, I'm sure that we have a huge 2019 year class that should reach the 10 inch MLL about fall of 2021. Mopanfisher is exactly right in saying that regulations can not be changed on a yearly basis, that is a long, complicated process that requires lots of justification. Fish populations are managed for long term sustainability with optimal production by considerin
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