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  1. Thanks S. Mallard for the advice! Any advice for thinning out that mass of whites is appreciated.
  2. Put in at Mutton Creek Wednesday evening with the wife and son. Trolled flicker shads (forgot the night crawlers to use to bottom bounce) Caught a short walleye and a BIG drum - (5lbs. +) but the evening was saved by the surfacing white bass. Caught 20 nice ones in about 45 minutes, close to the shore. What fun! Rattle traps work well.
  3. Beginning to think that if I did catch one it would definitely be an accident!
  4. Dang.... From the title of this string, I thought I might learn some good fishing spots from oghfm. Especially since I went Friday evening and the same as got skunked.... a drum. Water, water everywhere and not a fish to bite! But, to lend my two cents, Ken's is really good, if, you have the time to BS about how bad the fishing is while you wait for your food!
  5. olfishead

    June 28

    The Freshwater version of a saltwater Redfish! (Red Drum)And, redfish are considered one of the good eating fish of the gulf. I agree with Dan keep all you can. They do compete with the other "more desirable" species.
  6. I wouldn't think you would need to pay to launch a boat if you can't actually make it to the ramp! Or the courtesy dock...... or the restrooms ....... Like buying a jug of milk without the milk!
  7. Only two explanations are possible: Trump and Climate change!
  8. I went by the Roark Bluff ramp this morning and I'm pretty sure the corps has moved the courtesy dock into useable position. I know exactly what you mean about the alumacraft boat being hard to get in to from the bow/bank especially with the "extras" in the way. Every time my wife has to "go to the bank" I yearn for my ole bass tracker! Other than that, it's a great boat.
  9. I remember seeing someone fishing from a boat at the west end of the field across the road from the Mutton Creek Center store (now a campground) on Y hwy. That WAS in the early 70s. Don't think you could float a boat there now.
  10. So when was that record level? Maybe 1973 or 74?
  11. Watch for floating fish! Typically on Pomme during high water and flooded vegetation is when we see dead fish bodies caused by poor water quality resulting in stress leading to bacterial infections. White bass are usually the first to go.
  12. Nice! I tried the same thing on Thursday with very limited luck and talked to a few folks that were pretty bummed out with the bite.
  13. Around Clear Creek islands is always good for carp. Also above 13 hwy on the deepwater arm.(put in off old 13 Hwy, west of new 13) Have at em!
  14. There was an amazing amount of boats on the water Friday (26th). a boat or more in every little pocket or cove. Didn't see anyone slaying them and my boat didn't find many fish either. Did catch one 21.5 inch walleye and 13 keeper crappie but we had to really work at it. (8 hours of line wetting). I stayed away from the water Saturday but even with all the tournaments going on and wind I doubt that there were any more boats.
  15. The crappie are still scattered and suspended down 10-18 ft. out in 20-30 ft. of water in middle of spawning coves. I have a feeling that they are doing most of the spawning at night and probably not very shallow due to the clear water nearly lake-wide. I'm hoping some heavy rain this week will add some color to the water but not increase the level much...……. wishful thinking!
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