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  1. Tried TW early yesterday morning ....nothing. caught a couple later on cranks. Pretty slow. .
  2. Thanks for the offer! I don't know whether we will try the fishing there but mostly sightseeing. Plan to go to Acadia NP and feast on lobster while staying near Milbridge (Bar Harbor) in a B&B. Never been to Maine but has always been on the bucket list. I take it that you live here now? I'll get ahold of you in 2021 before we start planning again.
  3. Well, that makes me wish we hadn't canceled our trip to Maine in September. It was supposed to be our 40th wedding anniversary trip. Now it will be our 41st.
  4. Wow, I used to love TW fishing! Exciting stuff! Just haven't gotten in to it for several years.
  5. Good, hoping that before my grandson goes back to FL for school year that I can get him in to the surfacing W. Bass frenzy. I haven't seen any yet except for small eruptions that only last a few seconds. Lots of fun!
  6. I haven't been on the lake much lately and just wondering if anyone has seen this year's (YOY) shad schools? If so, what size are they? Seems to me that the white bass don't start chasing or pushing them them to the surface until they reach around 1-1/2 inches.
  7. olfishead


    Spots tend to hang around the rocks and steeper banks/points. My two cents!🤔
  8. In plain terms, I guess I just don't know what I'm doing when it comes to lead line. Maybe I just need to spend some time with it. I had a feeling that it had something to do with speed and line diameter. Thanks!
  9. I bought some lead line to try while trolling with a crank bait. I spooled it on a couple of older Garcia ambassador reels. I tied a 4 ft. Flourocarbon leader to the end of the lead line with the crank (flickershad) on it. According to the lead line package instructions, each color change in the line would cause the lure to go 5 ft. Deeper. it didn't. Using the same lure on a lighter monofilament line produced approximately the same depth. Has anyone had that experience? Advice? Also the lead line tangled, kinked and broke off. I'm not impressed!
  10. It's good to hear Pomme bass are doing well. The water level management plan that MDC suggested, and the COE implemented a few years ago has had positive results on the fisheries of crappie and bass. Most walleye and all muskies come from stockings, so water level manipulations to increase reproduction success have little benefit to them. Plus the habitat (brushpiles, pallet structures and aquatic vegetation) have probably helped reproduction and survival of many species. Does anyone know if any of the aquatic vegetation plantings have survived the high water events?
  11. Another way is to grill the fillets, leaving the skin and scales on, skin side down on grate. Slop some BBQ sauce on top and cook on low heat for 30-45 minutes (depending upon the thickness). I Cook salmon this way, shown to me by my uncle who lives in Alaska. Unbelievably Good!
  12. The C.O.E. has always been supportive of MDC/public fishing and a partner with the building of fish attractor brush piles that many of us utilize. Hopefully they can get funding to re -surface the entire North Mutton Ramp [and Road) since the south ramp is controlled by the Marina. That $10. Fee at the south ramp along with the COVID effect has certainly increased the use of the north ramp. An over-flow parking area is needed, similar to the one at Ruark Bluff.
  13. Yep, Bigmouth buffalo. (Ictiobus cyprinellus) 😁
  14. Used to love fishing at night in summertime for crappie and bass. But, now that I'm an old fart, I like to be asleep after dark! I always iced the fish down and cleaned them the next day, cold fish fillet easier. Good luck!
  15. Go on summer dark nights. Fish over deep water, (I like fishing in standing timber , tie to a snag.) Minnows seem to always produce the best. You will have to experiment with different depths, usually on Stockton between 15 and 20. One of the best ways to do that is let down deep and reel up very slowly.
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