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  1. CMAC the reason that they will never be as productive on the rock compared to LOZ is like they said earlier in the post about TR being a more of a nomadic fish fishery and not a ambush fishery with mostly large mouth. I dont know about the numbers but i'd say that after the LMB virus that wiped a large chunk of bass down the tube that we are probably looking at about a 55-70percent population of nomadic fish such as smallies and spots to whats left of the large mouth. therfore id say that for most of the time that 60-70 percent of the wood isnt being used as cover by the gamefish. if I had a say in it i feel they should work more on bottom composition then anything such as dumping big boulder as well as smaller rock on areas that might lack some of this main natural structure.but i dont know i think most of then are suspending most of the time anyway weather it be in open water or in the trees or on the bluffs. Tell me what you guides think. You guys know the lake better probably than most bioligists
  2. ok i will sure try it . sounds so suttle and tempting to them i imagine. what pound test you throw this on is it like 8lb flouocarbon or what ?
  3. Don the tubes that work the best are like the gitzit style that are skinny thin walled hollow bodies and as far as the rigging goes i just texpose the hook so you can feel the point like on a texas rigged worm ok thank you for any input you may have
  4. hey everyone just an idea you might want to try some dropshot around cape and a little past there with a red 4-6 inch worm in the 16-19 ft range had a buddy that was there for awhile and he whacked them one day he had two lm over 5 and several other keeps with numbers of short fish . you guides might want to try this on a day off so you might be able to put some clients on these type fish that would be pretty sick. Good luck to all and look forward to any responses
  5. could anyone do me a huge favor and try a mustard and or pbj tube on a1/4 to 3/8 oz shakey head on some 20 to 35 ft rolloffs and long points . just a inkly of a feelin thanks for any replys
  6. im not sure if this has anything to do with the truth but ive also seen carp do this alot and have been told by some seriouslly professional carp fisherman that they are dislodging parasites from under their scales however spoonies dont have scales so could they be cleaning out their gills for a good feeding like we do with a toothpick or piece of straw? its at least a good possability i think.
  7. how many does the B.A.S.S. Spring fling usually have its decent but not sure numbers?
  8. i understand your concerns but rest assured our club is a card tourney so we dont actually have a live fish weigh in we just have lengths that are set at an average weight and thats how we have our weigh in at the end of the tourney but we can do that cuz we only have like5-7 boats so no cheating goes on. im sorry to get all you pommy guys worked up just trying to get a little help from fellow fisherman. i wont put another post on here so i dont get several guys saying how bad we are for doing what we love ,im sorry for affending you all
  9. why cant you help with a small 5 boat bass club that are trying to become better fisherman on different lakes
  10. i dont think that its that LOZ is getting to full cuz remember guys those dang play boats can all be on one lake if it were up to them. i just think that unfortunately they are seeing how awesome the rock is and the word is getting out since all the damage at the Ozarks but ohwell i guess we should be happy to still have what we got . good luck everyone and has anyone tried any 30-50 ft football jigs on roll offs
  11. does anyone fish Pomme at night for blacks?If you do please help me out
  12. Hey guys and gals, I have a club tourney this weekend and was wanting to know if anyone could give me some areas that are producing some quality fish and also what the baits are they are eating? Best wishes to all and thanks for the help
  13. is that 3rd pic a spot or a lm not sure but it mite be a lm? am i correct
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