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  1. I've never been, but really want to do some fishing on the eleven point river! What do I need to know? Good places for a float and camp? Best sections for Smallmouth fishing? Which sections have the Chain Pickerle? Any scenic spots that are a must see? Thanks!
  2. That makes sense! And wow, a fiver would be amazing... would you say there's a difference between lake smallie and river smallie? Or no?
  3. As I'm getting more and more into Smallmouth fishing I'm wondering what most people consider big as in "best fish of the year". And what is considered to be more of a "once in a lifetime" trophy smallmouth. I tend to hear 18" 20" and 21" thrown out a lot. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. I actually bested my long time 3lb 18 incher from the bourboise river twice this summer! First a 3.3 lb 20 incher from my favorite Creek, then a 3.46 lb 19 1/2 incher from the Meremac river below Scotts ford access! First pic is the 20incher from my undisclosed location (sorry guys!). Second is the Meremac river!
  5. Coming up on three years now I've been living near Rolla MO and have caught the river fishing bug bad! I've hit up some great spots but wondering if there are any rivers or creeks I'm missing. Thanks!
  6. Are you at Fishpot creek?? Nice smallie especially for the winter!
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