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  1. Does anyone know if you can put in at Shawnee Bend Park Ramp? Now or after the ice melts with the lake this low?
  2. Fish OH Ivie many times and it is a great fishery. It is just producing some big ones right now. But double digits are not that uncommon. But if you talk to the locals they will tell you it not that good, because they like to keep it to themselves.
  3. Where you getting the hubs done at. We need ours done also.
  4. Does anyone have an extra Starboard sticker, they want to part with and not using? Had it mounted on the port side and decided to move to STBD side and cannot find the sticker for the STBD side.Or do you know where I can get one?Also need the screw, hard washer and rubber washer. These were lost in the water.
  5. Ya it is family oriented, $450. per person and you must have one of his boats he now owns. He did away with his sponsorship with the Shriners tournament on Truman. The man is a Joke. Buy businesses and close there doors. I will buy and fish elsewhere.
  6. In Texas we have no size limit on them. Before that they were 12''. I saw 2 guys come to the weigh-in once with their 5 fish all about 8'' down in Texas. Was a very good laugh. Actually I saw a guy come to the scales this year at LOZ with 1 skinny barely 12'' spot. A bunch of us could not believeve it.
  7. Saw this down near Springfield. How does this lake fish? What species are there? Can any boat fish it? Any other info? Thanks, Les
  8. Eat all the spotty's, they taste like Chicken. YUM YUM!!!!! We sometimes go strickly spotty fishing for this reason. Not as good as Walleye but think they are better than crappie's, Spotties Fried in beer batter with fried battered onion rings and cole slaw.
  9. I read somewhere, that goose farts cause a lot of fog. Is there geese in the area?
  10. Hag's Tornados F-8 Bags 2-spring craw, 2-california red, 1-plum apple, 2-watermelon candy, 2-blue fleck, 1-unknown, 2-watermelon golden cherry. F-5 Bags 3-watermelon red, 1-red shad, 2-green pumpkin red, 2-unknown, 6-green pumpkin, 2-blue fleck, 4-plum apple, 3-spring craw, 2-blue gill, 3-watermelon cherry, 1-watermelon candy, 2-california red, 2-tilapia Shipped for $150.00
  11. We were under a stay at home order, then 2020 April. We talked to them prior to the tournament in April 2020 when the lock down/stay at home order went into affect. They said then that they would honor our deposits for this year April. But now will not. Thats ok We do not have to do business with then and what goes around comes around.
  12. 🤧 Well Kings Cove Resort has lost the business from 40 people. Last April 2020 everybody had to cancel our rooms due to the Government lock down of Covid. We had $60.00 deposits down. The new young people that run the place for the past 3 years now, since Mom move to town, said they would honor our deposits till this April 2021, as we have had a tournament there in April for years and years and years. Well we called to verify the date, the first of the year as told to by them and low and behold. They will not honor their word. They said that we forfeited the deposit. No refund, no room from ou
  13. Lowrance 8 Gen2, with 2 in 1 transducer-DI & SI with jackplate mount and thru-hull transducer and temp gauge, plus the black box, for linking, all cables and power cord, Also has a Navionics chip. The lock and Ram mount does not come with the unit but the lowrance gimble does. $600.00 shipped. Picture does not show the thru-hull transducer and temp, but it comes with it
  14. Choke has some big Alligators in it, as does areas of Sam Rayburn, and other lakes. Lot of our lakes down there do. Kids do not seem to mind swimming in the water though. Belton and Stillhouse you really need to know how to fish them, as they can be tricky fishy to a newby. They are not trophy lakes but can produce some nice 5 fish stringers. Or 30 - 40 fish days.
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