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  1. Question for Fishinwrench or anybody else who may know. Looking at buying a 06 - 250 Pro XS, so I do not have the serial number. Motor has 181 hoursHad compression checked and all cylinders were 120 to 125, except one it was 100. Leak down on number 1 cylinder showed a slow leak.So questions are What is wrong with this and how do we fix it?Would you buy it?Thanks for your help.
  2. Had A DECENT DAY. Caught a ;lot of short fish. Topwater and a plastics. maybe 4 keepers out of 20 plus fish. Sure hope tomorrow is better. Heading for the little Tebo and praying to keep my lower unit.
  3. Going out in 5 minutes. Will let you know how today goes. Going up in the Osage. Later
  4. Wish we would have taken pictures this week end. We ran way up the little sac 2 days. Lake seemed down to me. We caught some real nice bass both days. In 3 to 8 ft of water, all on small worms. And even caught several on crank bait, with 4 keeper walleye to boot. Jitterbug worked for us in the back of the cut up there also, for about an 1 1/2 to 2 hours every morning.
  5. We are going to Stockton for 2 days then to Truman for 2 days next week staying at Starrett Creek. Any help on Truman or Stockton would be great. How are the bass biting as of lately? Thinking about wetting a line for some R&R next week? Are they on main lake points or moving in the middle of coves? Any idea what depth they are biting at? Good area to start in. Thanks
  6. Going to Stockton for for R & R then going to Truman for 2 days also.
  7. If you had a choice which one would you choose? I was told that the clarity was not as good on the Garmins, is this true? What does 1 do that the other does not? Why do you think one is better than the other? 93sv and a102sv Garmin w/panoptics and a Ultrex 24v or 2 Helix 10's, 1side imaging, 1 down imaging, Mega360 and a Ultrex 24v Or would you prefer the Ghost over the Ultrex? Thanks
  8. How are the bass biting as of lately? Thinking about wetting a line for some R&R next week? Are they on main lake points or moving in the middle of coves? Any idea what depth they are biting at? Thanks
  9. We fish Kinkaid about 5 weeks ago and had a decent day. It was the first time in 25 plus years also. I always do well in Missouri and Texas water. Just could not get a bite going at all at The Crab.
  10. Went over from Missouri side at St Mary's exit. Should have know when we got across the bridge into Illinois and highway 3 said closed. But no detour sign where we turn. Went on 3 just to edge of town and the Railroad had the road closed. Track work I guess. Went back into town and there was a detour sign when you come back from the tracks. Took the long very long route to Crab Orchard Lake. Paid the fee at campground and put in at Spillway ramp. Fishing @6:30am,. Fished til 2pm Thunderstorms approaching Loaded and head back Via 149 to 3 south to Cape and then back up 55 highway. I normal
  11. Is there really nobody fishing Joe Bass.
  12. Who here fishes Joe Bass. How do you like it? I emailed them couple days ago with some questions, and have not received a reply back as of yet. I am considering fishing them next year. How many boats do they average? From what I saw was 30 to 50? Do they allow guides to fish it. I am no longer guiding in Texas. but wondering? Can you fish as many tournaments as you want or can in the open trail, including winter trail? Was I reading that they pay 2 big bass checks? Can I fish t least 2 tournaments by myself? Can I have non-member fish 1 or 2 with me if my regular part
  13. Big Problem with those Wake Boats. They not only destroy boat docks, but also destroy shore lines with a lot more bank erosion than any other boat out there. Personally they should have to stay out in the middle of a lake. Or better yet have to run them at Lake of the Ozarks only.
  14. Old News, and somebody had to of released it. Because they cannot live in Missouri due to it gets way to cold up there.
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