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  1. Thanks guys, Girls and Smart butts. Fished Truman Thursday thru Sunday. Fishing was fair for us on Thursday and Friday with some top water and some plastic. Saturday tournament We only weighed 3 fish, Sunday tournament was a different story, Had 4 keepers on top water by 8am, We then found our bass in the trees on plastic. By the end of the day had caught 10 keepers. culled 4. Total weight of 6 was, over 18lbs, Took 1st place and big bass 4.93lbs. Saturday the guys that won had 21lbs and big bass a little over 5lbs
  2. Caught a lot of keepers in the 15 to 20 in. range for the 2 day trip I made. Most were caught on a 7'' candy bug worm. Very few fish on a whopper popper, but did pick up some small ones. No buzz bait bite. Couple on a red shad 6to 8' crankbait, tried other cranks but did not work. Caught fish on main lake deep channel bends. Tried a lot of baits but it was tough. Very few fish in the coves and no action in the coves all on main lake deeper water.
  3. Has anyone been fishing for Bass at Truman of lately? Just wondering if they have started moving back into the coves yet? What they might be biting on? Water clarity in the Pomme arm, Osage arm and the grand arm?
  4. What is the water clarity on Pomme right now? Was just wondering also are the bass starting to bite again, that they are dropping the lake?
  5. I am wondering what the lake level is,? Water clarity? Over all condition of Lake? How much is the lake dropping a day? Want to go Bass fish next week. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thinking about going to Rend for a few days to bass fish. How has the fishing been? And where can one stay with a bass boat at a reasonable rate.?
  7. Where do you think the lake level will be the middle of August? Might make a trip then.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has been bass fishing lately since they have started dropping the lake again? And if they are biting? Thinking about driving up for a day or 2 next week.
  9. Maverickpro201

    Beef tongue

    Beef Tongue Sandwiches are great also. If Beef tongue is so bad, why is it so expensive in the stores. I am having the wife pick one up today, because now I am hungry for it. Love that stuff, Not as much as my Prime Rib but close.
  10. Small club 15 to 20 boats at any given time, Is there a decent place to stay on Stockton that has enough rooms, on the lake with slips and boat ramp there or near by. Thanks in advance
  11. We just called around to carpet cleaning company's Mom and Pop Shops. Cost 130.00 bucks with Scotch Guard
  12. I am considering making a trip there is the bass biting on the Missouri side or should I go to the Arkansas side. What are they biting on now? Have they started moving back in the coves? Any help would be great/ Thanks in advance
  13. I have another GL3 loomis that needs a guide tip. Insert fell out. Last tie I sent one to Loomis they sent me a new rod for 80 more bucks. So much for life time warranty. So does anyone know who repairs rods in St. Louis area? And does good job? Thanks
  14. Just wondering what bait you like to use for Catfish. Looking to catch some eating fish for a fish fry. Thinking about going over to my sons lake development and floating around in the Pontoon Boat with some rod and reels hanging off and some jugs a floating around the lake.
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