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  1. I am heading down tomorrow for a few days and it will be my first time on the Lake. We will be staying and putting in up by the dam. I plan to fish mainly for bass but I would love to target some strips for fun. I plan to throw the a-rig a lot and will have top water tied on in case I get lucky and they start busting shad in the area. Do you guys have any suggestions for either species? Currently tied on and ready: -A-rig -jerk bait -wiggle wart -walking topwater -small keitech swimbait -ned rig Anything I am missing?
  2. Hey guys, I am heading down to Beaver in the middle of November and will be staying near the dam area. I have never been on Beaver and was hoping for some tips for that time of year. My initial plan looking into the future would be to start with jerk baits, crankbaits, shakey heads, and topwater. Will the A-rig be in play yet or am I missing anything? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks! (Ill keep my eye on the forum as I get closer to my trip, but I just wanted to put this out there)
  3. Any info is much appreciated. I am new to fishing Taneycomo and I am curious, is the vegetation/grass/weeds always this thick? Is it seasonal or year around? I know this lake produces big bass, but it seems impossible to get around all the green stuff. Are there any places to go to get out of it or any techniques you guys would suggest trying? I am hoping this stuff seasonal and will go away because I have enjoyed the lake. Thanks
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