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  1. Jaguar 97


    I saw bass on bed's 3 weeks ago in Indian Creek and water was 56 + I was surprised at how many I saw. I'm sure there will be more.
  2. We fished Baxter area and it was slow for us also. We did fish shallow some but caught most of ours 15 to 17 foot. Ned and swimmers. Best fish for the day was a 17" Kentucky on a jig. Like you said lots of boats out.
  3. I caught some last year on Keitech 2.8 around Baxter area.
  4. Jaguar 97


    I was in King's Wednesday and we caught 15. They were pretty scattered for me. I really thought it would be better. Lots of boats for the middle of the week. Caught mine on a white 1/6 oz jig.
  5. They fixed some half dollar size chips out of mine but nothing like what you have. Call and talk to them see what they say. Might be able to send a picture to them.
  6. I have used Arkansas boat restoration. They have installed graphs, wet sand and buffed boat, fixed chips put on new keel guard and I just had new bunks put on my trailer. I have been very pleased with all work they have done for me and I think they are reasonable on price.
  7. I went to Kings River Saturday and only caught 10 keepers and about 6 small one's. Minnows and jigs. Jig's worked best.
  8. Thanks Bill for this information 👍. I've been wanting to try it but didn't know how to start or how to do it. Most would not share info like this. I just ordered some fly's. Thanks again for sharing.
  9. Nancy and Basil are the nicest people you will meet. Clean affordable rooms. I've been staying there for years. Highly recommend.
  10. I went to Indian Creek Saturday and only saw one striper blow up. I did fish for crappie for awhile with no luck. I have caught them in the spring. Did catch 6 small bass. Launched at Ventris yesterday saw lots of bait but never caught a fish. Fished from coppermine to 12 bridge. I saw where they are really catching stripers up around hickory Creek.
  11. Arkansas boat restoration does really good work. They are located in Rogers Arkansas. They do all kinds of stuff on boats.
  12. Way to go Bill that's an awesome catch. Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime 😳
  13. Those are some nice fish! Thanks for the report.
  14. Thanks Champ I'm going to try this. A lot of people wouldn't share that.
  15. Those are some nice fish! Adapt and overcome!
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