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  1. Way to go Bill that's an awesome catch. Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime 😳
  2. Those are some nice fish! Thanks for the report.
  3. Thanks Champ I'm going to try this. A lot of people wouldn't share that.
  4. Those are some nice fish! Adapt and overcome!
  5. Yeah and I watched some of it while they were fishing and you would see them motion someone coming down the lake to go behind them πŸ€”. We're just not as important as them😟
  6. Lol πŸ˜‚ yeah had lots of stuff out because I didn't know exactly what I would be throwing. Once I got going I didn't put anything up. If I could get out again maybe I would not need as many.
  7. Put in at Big indian at 6am. Should have been earlier. Started out throwing topwater I would get them on but couldn't keep them pinned. Switched to a swimbait and it was on. Fished up the white and got on one point and it seemed like every other cast a Kentucky or a smallmouth. There seemed to be a sweet spot on that point. Finally got ran off of main lake points picked up a jig and fished some steeper bluff banks caught some largemouth up to 4 lbs. It was one of the best days I've had in awhile. Swimbait in sexy shad. Jig PBJ W/ Chigger bug trailer.
  8. Yeah I had 3 of them run between me and the bank today while I was fishing. Berkeley boat and real tree. I could've cast and hit they're boat. I guess 200 yrds of water on the other side wasn't enough.
  9. Looks like you caught a few of everything. Thanks for the report πŸ‘
  10. Thought I saw Quill in Indian Creek today?
  11. Nice mess of fish πŸ‘
  12. Arkansas boat restoration in Rogers. They do great work.
  13. That's a great bag of fish. I bet a lot of the BFL would've liked to have them. Great job!!!
  14. I fished with Bob a couple of times. Once in the fall and once at night. I really learned a lot from him. In the fall we we're dragging jig's and throwing his spinner bait called blue nose Bob. That was a great bait then and I still have a few. I remember him picking us up for the fall trip it was pretty cold and he's got shorts on. And like you said he could smoke. Cigarette burns all in the carpet on back deck lol. Great guy!
  15. Great job! Thanks for the report.
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