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  1. Thought I saw Quill in Indian Creek today?
  2. Nice mess of fish 👍
  3. Arkansas boat restoration in Rogers. They do great work.
  4. That's a great bag of fish. I bet a lot of the BFL would've liked to have them. Great job!!!
  5. I fished with Bob a couple of times. Once in the fall and once at night. I really learned a lot from him. In the fall we we're dragging jig's and throwing his spinner bait called blue nose Bob. That was a great bait then and I still have a few. I remember him picking us up for the fall trip it was pretty cold and he's got shorts on. And like you said he could smoke. Cigarette burns all in the carpet on back deck lol. Great guy!
  6. Great job! Thanks for the report.
  7. Yeah I can remember when I first started using a drop shot. I was amazed that I could see weight,worm, and swivel on a lowrance X70A I think. I remember fishing with Bob Tindell and he had a paper graph and we could see a tube on it catching suppended fish out of tree tops. I just think these new graphs are cool but you still have to catch them. Now you know I'm old lol 😂
  8. I know the videos I've watched are awesome and said pretty much plug and play.
  9. Is the livescope an add on if you already have a Garmin graph? I saw they were about$1500 for livescope. Wondering how much it would cost.
  10. Anyone have one of these? What do you think of it? Thanks
  11. I was there also. Ended up with 3 11lbs being the best on a topwater. Like you said had some blow ups and they missed it. Left around 10. Went back today and nothing but cold hands.
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