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  1. @Will S. I’m from the land of crimson and cream as well. Go Big Red!
  2. @Will S. 45 degree banks with some flooded bushes. Tried to keep the boat in 20’ of water. Never more than 1/2 way back a creek arm. Secondary points seemed to produce a few more fish!
  3. @Bill Babler the most impressive report I’ve read is of some feller that caught a state record brown! 😉
  4. @Bill Babler important clarification... 3 of us caught limits this morning. 15 total fish from 3 fisherman over 7 hours of fishing. Nothing over 3 lbs.
  5. Some good fishing up there we caught 3 limits this morning up Long Creek arm on football jigs.
  6. I tend to agree with you. I caught a 15.5" while bass fishing yesterday. Biggest I've ever caught!
  7. @mixermarkb good thoughts. Keitechs are undoubtedly a confidence thing for me right now. I have way more patience with a bait when I have a productive history with it. That being said, running low provides good opportunity to challenge myself and try some new things. I do need to add a bottle of superglue to the boat. It was on my list this time but it slipped my mind. Without it, they are lucky to last past one fish. In fact, I was frustrated at the bite of a little dink smallie today because she messed up my last sexy shad Keitech.
  8. Thanks guys. Tackle is tough to come by in the Branson area right now. If anyone will be out on the lower end tomorrow and wants to double their money on a few packs of 3.3 Sexy Shad or Electric Shads, let me know. 😬
  9. Some of you may have read the post I made last weekend outlining the struggle that we endured in trying to catch some suspended fish. Well, appropriately so, this Good Friday offered some undeserved redemption. It seems that in our work-week absence, the fish have moved back up into the shallows to stage. We tried a few mainlake points before we made a bee line to the warmer water. The further back we ventured into the creek arm, the warmer the water was, and the more the fish bit. We ended up with 15 fish, about half being keepers. Nothing to most of you, but a darn good day for us. All spots except for a short smallmouth, a 15" crappie, and a nice white. All bites were on 3.3 Keitech Sexy Shads on 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz heads. Happy Good Friday to each of you! Looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of Christ this weekend!
  10. At the family condo in Hollister near State Park. Where could a guy buy Keitechs that is actually open right now?
  11. Wow great fish! Glad TR rewarded your efforts. If you're like me, there is a point where my expectations drop a little bit, and I just find contentment with exploring the lake and keeping those lures in the water. I haven't found water as high as 61 degrees yet, that's a good little tip. We have a family condo just behind State Park Marina. I fish out of a 40 year old Crestliner with an equally old 35 hp Johnson, so I don't tend to venture more than 2-3 miles from home. Hopefully the warm water finds it's way down lake fairly soon. Good work!
  12. Wow! I don't even think my local shop carries a 3/4 oz spinner. You must have been fishing that with some speed to keep it out of the bushes. Great job, a bite like that makes up for a slow morning.
  13. Great thoughts @Bill Babler, I appreciate it. Fishing this far offshore for staging fish is new for me. I've been fishing this lake for about 3 years now and just starting to put things together (though obviously not this weekend). Affirming to know that I was doing a lot of the right things, I was just likely sitting on top of the fish that I was trying to catch. Part of that is I'm still learning to fully utilize the Garmin beyond just depth and water temp. I'll be back this upcoming weekend, hoping they have moved up a bit by then. My luck will have another pressure front coming through on Friday afternoon.
  14. @Brian D you're in good company my friend! Still a great way to spend a spring weekend.
  15. @mixermarkb thanks for sharing your tips. I agree, we were in too shallow. It's really tough to fish what you feel like is in the middle of nothing. I just hope to get a little better every year and at some point I'll gain some confidence in this spring fishing in the Ozarks.
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