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  1. I am attending a master's program in Biology from the university of Nebraska. This class is an elective for me. I live in an area in NY that does not have much anglers to question in person. So he said go on these forums. We all have to do a survey for an assignment on a species that anglers deal with.
  2. Hi everyone. I am currently in a freshwater management class and I need at least ten people to do a survey for my assignment. If you could please answer my five questions it would be appreciative. Thank you. 1. In Connecticut (Connecticut River), there is a creel limitation on carp. Do you believe there should be one ? What about in your area? 2. With this regulation, the limitation of common carp is 5 and trophy is 1 with a 26 inch maximum. Do you think that this is fair? 3. Do you notice a significant abundance of capturing carp, that in which we need to conserve and protect them? 4. On a scale of 1 to 10, What would you say is the importance of protecting common carps? (1= no importance at all, no change needed in protecting them ; 5 = I see a difference, we could do some things to protect them ; 10= They need more conservation) (You can pick any numbers in between these three respectively). 5. On a scale of 1-10, How fair do you think this new regulation is overall? ( 1= The regulation does not affect me ; 5= It affects me, but I can deal with it; 10= It affects me and my catching) (You also can pick number in between these three respectively).
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