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  1. Yeah, they were all good ones over 55lbs. Had a couple in that 75 to 80 range. Plus had one break Meat Master and I wound up doing a back flip and landing on my head! Had to of been over 100! That's the one I'm after this weekend!
  2. Wound up fishing Virginia, Haymaker, and Pappinsville last weekend. We tore them up! I'd venture to say we seen over 100 bills caught in two days. It was awesome! Going back Friday to the same places.
  3. I was just wandering if anyone has ever snagged the Little Niangua river for spoonies? I would think they would be in there but I have never heard nor tried myself. Thanks, Drew
  4. Well fellers don't wast yer time at Tabersville anytime soon. Fished Friday & Saturday and never took a fish one between five of us. Water is way the hell and gone up! Gonna take some time before she drops. Also, went up stream round Virginia and the water is way low, so evidentally at Pappinsville, where the rivers all come together, is where the flooding is starting. Oh, well see ya'all down around 81MM, Old Oar House next weekend. Be in Lund Pro V SE (black, red & silver) with a 150 Rude on the back. Has anyone heard about all the Bills going throught the turbines @ Truman Dam??? Wow! Must be one helluva kill going on right now according to one of my sources who lives right there!
  5. Oh fergot, just guessing there Seth I'd put her around 80. Everyone fergot there scales that weekend. And yeah we were just outside Taberville. Our group and local friends down there pulled in all of about 40 bills in two days there. It was pretty fast and furious. But with the water really rising now (near flood level) it may slow things down a bit this weekend. We'll see.......
  6. Clean'em up and have you one heck of a fish fry is what we do. Make sure to get all that nasty red/chocolate meat outta them and you have some darn good eatin'. I don't like to gaff my fish so the mortality rate is zero, unless you like totally rip them open while fighting. They are a tough fish just leave the gaff hangin' in the tree fer the big one and you won't hurt anything.
  7. darn, dude I wouldn't be braggin' out loud on here fer landed 27 fish!! Easy feller, easy. You supposed to say I landed 2 nice'ens and then sat back and watched 12 or 13 other dudes land 2 a piece too, while I sucked down a 12 pack! Just watchin' out fer ya Buddy!! lol
  8. Well the BILL gods blessed me last weekend with yet another top 10 for me! I'll try and attach a pic.
  9. To get to Oar House you've gotta take BB hwy east off of 65 hwy (just north of Sterret Creek). You are talking about the Old Swingin' Bridge right on 65 hwy? The Old Oar House is quite a ways down from there. Easier to launch out of Oar House. I personally think the fishing is better down there than up by the Old Swingin' Bridge on 65?? Not real sure what the mile marker of the bridge is but you've got quite a jaunt to get there if you launched your boat behind the Sheriffs Office in downtown Warsaw.
  10. Good to see ya here to Seth. Boy we sure got a gully washer last night! One thing for sure it is going to stir them spoonies up from the bottom, bad thing is, it is about to flood out where we usually camp on the opener @ Schell. So, we'll just have to wait and see what happens here in the next week! Will be posting more here the week after opener! Hope to see some of ya fellers down around Schell, Taberville, Montigaw, Virginia, etc.... this season. As always, I'll have a cold'en or two waiting for ya just look for the little white camper with a blue stripe around the middle.
  11. You can go buy all the rods you want (I did too!), all's I'm a going to tell you is, get you a Penn 320gti (or 310gti) coupled up with an Ugly Stick Tiger Rod (the yellow Ugly Sticks). I use the 7' and 7 1/2' (heavy and medium heavy) and you are going to love it! They cast a country mile and still have enough butt to horse in the hogs in the current off those muddy banks!! Good luck!
  12. Here's a couple more pics of last weeks outting. Hopefully have some more and better ones for you this coming weekend!
  13. Not yet, but I'm sure I'll hear something in the weeks to come. They've got a big tourney out of Oar House this coming weekend. I think last year 1st place took over 4 grand home! I do know that the largest spoony weighed in at the Oar House this year was supposedly 84 lbs. I figured someone would of had a larger one weighed in so I didn't weight mine there. I waited till we got home and put it on our digital deer scale and it read 85 lbs. I sometimes wonder about that scale at the Oar House, it is getting old and gets played with by kids hanging on it all the time! But that is what they use and go by.
  14. Dane's is in the Southern part of Taberville on H Highway, & just north of Y highway which Tee's into H Highway.
  15. Head up into Schell Osage Wildlife area. Go clear back yonder to the big curve in the river and that is where you want to be. If you have a map of the wildlife area it is at the furthest point north on the area and the curve in the river resembles a big horse shoe. Haven't done exceptionally well there this year yet but the water has been real high for the past week or so. We have pulled a couple dozen outta that hole thus far this year. We're gonna give it hell this weekend for the final-final outting of the year for Missouri. Hope to see ya there. If you don't like that spot, I would also recommend Montagaw Springs, where the old bridge used to go across the river. That is a real good one too, but it catches a chit load of boat traffic. That is why I prefer to go upstream of Taberville quite a ways to get away from all them boaters. Iffins you are not sure where I am talking about stop in there at Dane's (Bait & Tackle 417-432-3391), and they'll get you headed in the right direction, plus they sell cold beer! Good luck buddy!
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