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  1. The content in this thread is now epic. I cant believe I missed all of this until now.
  2. If you have the money I say spend it. I don't want to go to the grave with any extra in my pocket.
  3. Great bag of trout. Nice size also.
  4. Thanks, I had a good time. Now if I can just duplicate it on next trip so I feel like I just didn't get lucky.
  5. Little guy loves the doodle. Would not let go.
  6. First off I forgot what it was like fishing with skiers and tubers having to run back and forth 100 yards from where your fishing even when there is 800 yards of lake free further away. Put in at State park Fished from noon to 5:00 P.M. Bass fishing was Meh with lots of small bass of the small and large mouth variety. Didn't expect much with the high sun. Did find some eyes around 3:00 and caught 8 with half being keeps. Everything was caught on a doodle in 15 FOW.
  7. That looks like a good time. I need to find some fishing buddies and get a fish camp together like that also. Those are always the most fun.
  8. Could have been the weather and that a few were called back to work but ramp was pleasantly empty. First there and last to leave. Seen a set of taillights leaving as I pulled into the ramp cove at dark. Seen 5 boats fishing in am and maybe 10 more in afternoon. Most boats seen were running up and down channel trying to go the speed of sound and were loud enough that even the speed of sound didn't want to be around them.
  9. Afraid to go back now for fear of being disappointed on a normal day. I keep saying i can't believe this bite. One of the 3 of us had one on all the time it seemed with lots of doubles. I am always a day early or a day late. Glad we hit it right this time. Of course all were released right after pictures.
  10. Took my brother and nephew and had a great day. Fished sun up to sun down and caught over 100 bass. Got tired of counting. Largest was just over 4 lbs. Guessing the cloud cover helped the bite last all day. Here are a few pictures. Wrenches suggestions were spot on. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Thank you for making room for me.
  12. Thanks Wrench. Excited to get back on the water. Hoping some people have went back to work..now that I have a few days off. . Hope to get a few pictures to share.
  13. Any fishing reports for that area? Headed there Tuesday for first trip to LOTO.
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