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  1. A few from the Chi shows when they fly through the city.
  2. Nice. It has always been a good time. Seen them on the beach also at Chicago air and water show flying threw the city between buildings. I will see if I can find those pictures also.
  3. I cant get to the pictures from work they have everything on lock down. I have some with them giving us the 👍 as they go around. They are CLOSE.
  4. Yep, that is where it was at. My little brother lives up on the bluff there. We went to the air show one day and sat at his house and had drinks and watched it from there the next.
  5. You have to admit that would be a cool picture. Looking for my Blue angel pictures when they were flying over my brothers house on the turn during the air show. I will post some when I track them down.
  6. So they are flying 2 bass boat lengths above houses? You need a picture of that or it didn't happen.


    I am dying to get out myself. Lots of reports on here of what has been working as of late.
  8. Ha... Just went to the youtube channel and looked at the comments. I am not the only one to catch this. Now If I could get some good weather so I can use my Graphs I would. Maybe I just need to retire so I can fish anytime.
  9. Noticed on the video on the console units he was not comparing apples to apples. He was using 1.1 MHZ on the side scan on HB (4:19) and 455 KHZ on the lowrance (4:37), you can see it clearly on the bottom left of the unit when he pans. Of course it will be better out a long way on the L. If he would set the Bird to 455 it would look the same. When I look for stuff at 150 feet I use 455 setting and when looking close for detail i use Mega. Its all in knowing how to use your unit and what it has for capabilities. Disappointed he didn't know that being the pro that he is. Maybe he should revisit his video and update it. When I get a chance I will see what else I can find. This video tells how to use a bird correctly to see what you want to see with the 3 frequencies available. Mr Wheeler needs to watch this.
  10. I am guessing that if they though TRL needed a 12 inch limit they would have changed it along with the Stockton rule change. Especially since they have 4 years data.
  11. The K pictures I see in the TRL forum have them all over 15". 😎 I don't have any buddies that are biologists but when they tell me biologist stuff I just nod my head. Most of the time it makes them feel important and I get a laugh.
  12. Don't get the point of complaining about TRL 15 " length in the Stockton lake forum. 😎
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