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  1. Again muddy lake that is not even close to what Stockton is.
  2. Interesting. The lake in all those pictures looks like Truman. Chocolate Milk. Looking at the lakes other fish limits this appears to be managed as a crappie lake only. Don't see that happening here ever. • Crappie: Must be over 12 inches. 15 crappie per day per angler; no more than 40 crappie per boat (3 or more anglers). • Largemouth Bass: No length limit and 10 bass per day per angler. • White and Yellow Bass: No limits. • Bream: No length limit and 100 per day per angler. • Catfish: No limits
  3. Now that I can agree with. Cheers
  4. That's because your entertaining my friend. No hard feelings. 😉
  5. Do the research yourself. I get 105 and hour.
  6. LOL I had to like that. That is what everyone says about you.
  7. So it is just your opinion just like I thought. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. What is the length of the growing season there compared to Stockton? How big do they grow there in 3 years? What is the forage base there and how rich with nutrients is the lake compared to Stockton? Lots of questions as to ask. I bet the lakes similarities stop at they both have water in them.
  9. Answer the question. Stop skirting the question by asking me a question. If you cant produce research to back up your rant then it is just another opinion that quite frankly not many agree with.
  10. That is cool data and would even be better if all of the class survives to 3 years, we know it does not. What % of the class is dead at 3 years, then 4 years, then 5 years.
  11. Holy cow.. New info.. Please provide your source. I need to see this. I don't have time to do my own job let alone run my own cross (your bad word) with mother nature experiments. I need your data. .... Or is this just what you believe is going on? Please clarify. I need to know.
  12. Many years ago my 10 year old son hooked a 230 pounder on a rattle trap. Got him in the side of the head making a what he called a zip code cast. Sure was a bleeder. Man that still hurts thinking about it.
  13. Any add blockers turned on or added any new computer programs?
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