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  1. Micah Denham

    Anyone been out recently?

    thanks for the reply man! Let us know anyway! Im sure some spin guys will appreciate it! plus, itll probbaly help me out with what colors and what not!
  2. Hey guys! Been wanting to get out and cast the fly rod a bit and Maramec is the closest. Anyone been out at all? Whats been the hot ticket item as far as flies? Thanks guys!
  3. Hey there guys! Went up to Busch Wildlife the other day and had some fun! There were about 7-10 other people at the lake, but we were pretty spread out, and it was cold. Took my fly rod out there and threw an olive wooley bugger as well as a white wooley bugger, no dice, so I switched up to a blood red egg fly about 3-4ft under an indicator and BAM. Caught a few fish before having to go to a family function (my wife made me go). Good luck, and tight lines!
  4. Micah Denham

    5/1 Lake 35

    I know im late to the party but HOLY CRAP! Thats awesome!! I had no clue they stocked them, the fact that they're really there is awesome. AND someone caught one!
  5. Micah Denham

    Trout at Lake 28 today

    Awesome, thanks man!
  6. Micah Denham

    Best Stream fishing near Troy MO

    Awesome bro! Thank you!
  7. Micah Denham

    Best Stream fishing near Troy MO

    Wisdom! Thanks brother!
  8. Micah Denham

    Best Stream fishing near Troy MO

    Thanks man!
  9. Micah Denham

    Best Stream fishing near Troy MO

    I guess youre right! Id figure if anyone knows of a decent are to start, then maybe i could start there. But thanks man!
  10. Micah Denham

    Trout at Lake 28 today

    What color bugger, and other flies do they like down there? Been wanting to get out there! Also, know of any local creeks or rivers that have some good fishing? small/largemouth, gill, crappie, anything. lol Thanks for the update!
  11. Micah Denham

    Best Stream fishing near Troy MO

    Hey guys! So im very new to fishing streams and have only been a handful of times... most of which have been more than a couple hours away. Been really wanting to try and find some good local fishing spots i can take my fly rod or spinning rod to try and pull out some small/largemouth, striper, carp, crappie, anything really! So if youre from this area, and have some exprience that would be awesome! Ive driven over quite a few decent sized streams but have no idea about their fishability, so I may also just pick a spot and walk and fish. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everyone! My name's Micah and Im relatively new to this community and to flyfishing. It has been a childhood dream to get into it and be successful, so at the ripe old age of 26 (yes, i know im not old), ive decided to just do it! So this is my first post about what ive had success with while fishing on Taneycomo! Sorry its almost a month late, but hope this helps! My wife and I were very blessed by the good poeple at Lilley's Landing and their exceptional service. They were quick and eager to help, and offer advice for catching trout on this beautiful lake. We got a boat, and fished from 9am-3pm and had very good success in a little deeper water and in shaded areas, the sun was shining so they were not as shallow. so we went for the jigs. They bit on an olive and peach jig pretty much all day, so we didnt change that at all, also caught a small trout on a brown Wooley. they werent hitting the flies at all after that, so the jig on 4lb fluoro was the big winner. the next day I went by myself and waded near the dam and within the first hour i had 5 fish on my line with a #18 black zebra midge, but only landed one nice 18" rainbow because i was impatient... was accompanied by many other fly fisherman who were pulling fish out left and right on scuds. Was running a double nymph rig with the #18 black Zebra midge, and a #18 tan scud with 18" of 6x tippet between them, didnt have luck on the scud but they bit the midge eveytime. Any way, hope this helps!

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