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  1. Thanks Cody. I thought it might have been local. I have been unable to find a fluorescent fluorocarbon line. Unless it's siren's fluorocast which doesn't look fluorescent.
  2. Where did you pick up the Stren flourecesent florocarbon?
  3. Gentlemen, Knots are tools just as rods, reels, and line. Different "tools" should be used for different jobs or applications. Palomar knots have been the best known common knot for fouro for some time. EVERY knot will fail if not tied correctly well before the rated line weight. The most common mistake anglers make is to blame the knot when using flouro when if they inspect the line end they will find nicks and abrasion above the knot are the often issue. ALL knots will break at loads, all knots will break if tied incorrectly, no ONE knot does the job for ALL applications. Chose the best tool for the job at hand. I use five different knots for 90% of my fishing, pick your's and go fish! J.E.
  4. Contact the local Waterpatrol Officers for any clarification you may need concerning speed limits and the required lighting while either underpower or stationary. Ignoring the law is foolish it endangers not only yourself but others. If you don't want to run your battery for lighting while using your TM buy a clip on light from walmart and place it on your motor. If you're unable to run your rig at 30MPH on plane either re-prop for night fishing or learn to drive at slow speeds.
  5. Jerry, I work with Navionics and strongly suggest the Premium South for what you're talking about. The HD lakes listed were surveyed and are acutal readings. Most map programs available either in SD, factory loaded, or paper are developed through various sources such as Corp. maps, existing lake maps, and satalite imaging. The 09 versions have added several new HD lakes such as Arkansas River, Chicot, Greeson, Maumelle, and Nimrod in Arkansas however, no new additions in Missouri. If you'd like to try out a Premium or a Platinum give me a email and I'll loan you one to play with. Also the $100 rebate is still good. Stop by BPS and pick one up or I can send you one. J.E. Eric, Same offer to you!
  6. Good to hear you caught some fish. I received a call Friday evening along with Billy Bird that a number of Vets had cancelled so we had no one to take out. It was reported that we had 25 boats ready to go and only 11 Vets so we missed out on the fun. Hope we get the chance next year.
  7. Hey! I've got sponsors, an expensive bass boat, and a laptop that looks like a depth finder, or something like that, but I ain't cool! If you don't believe me ask Capt. Don or Techno they'll tell ya! Seriously, Those guys are the ones that l miss out, blow it off and enjoy! J.E.
  8. J.E.

    April 18

    Eric, Congrats! It was not a total wash then. Tell Capt. Don how to find those biguns!!! J.E.
  9. J.E.

    April 18

    I'll be following you tomorrow!
  10. Any conservation agent will advise that taking fish is not unreasonable and many times is what's needed to improve the fishery. I do not keep fish as I do not like eating fish, but if I did they would be on my plate once in a while. With that said, stooping to name calling on any forum is childish.
  11. Don, The SD cards will go in the unit however if you're trying to load your waypoints it will not. I've got the program to convert call me when you get back from KC tonight. I'll be at home. J.E.
  12. Send me an email or call the number I PM'd you. JEVSkeeter@yahoo.com I've got an extra spare. I'll be there and can bring one with me if you need. J.E.
  13. Yes you are Don............... Techno I'm in town this weekend so I'll be bringing the "Old Capt. Don" to the lake with me, you know how it is he's having a hard time finding the water!!! The big thing about Don and Bill is that they tell you the truth. No fluff or marketing Bull Heads, just honest reports. Thanks guys and KEEP IT UP! See you tomorrow..........
  14. J.E.

    Cpa Tourney

    Eric, Just sent you an email... Thanks, J.E.
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