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  1. I thought whiskey and beer are a given lol. Extra paddle is a wonderful idea. Most likely won't be taking a bath in the river. Tarp and Rope will be added to the list!
  2. We'll be in a canoe's. I'm trying to pack as light as possible so here's what I'm thinking 6 person tent cots 1 Cooler per canoe Propane grill paper plates, napkins Trash Bags 2 rods and reels per person Extra Clothes Fillet Knife probably two 3700 size plano boxes of tackle Life straw's
  3. Are their any trout in the Buffalo? or is it just the white? Is there anything you wouldn't recommend taking?
  4. You have been a world of help! if you can think of anything else please feel free to comment!
  5. That's some excellent advice! Anything else that I need to know before we make trip? I don't really want to get down there and realize that we're under prepared. Also how does the shuttle service work? will they just take our vehicles down to Shipps Ferry and leave them for a few days? We would be driving down mid afternoon on the 18th. Is camping permitted at rush landing?
  6. We plan on floating for 2.5- 3 days max. We're trying to pack a light as possible. If you want to send those, my email is zmccarty657@gmail.com
  7. I am planning a trip to float from rush creek to the white river. I was hoping that some of you that have done the float before could give me some advice on necessities for the trip. Right now the plan is to start the float on April 19th. Any suggestions/Tips are helpful!
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