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  1. Cwallis


    What would all y’all recommend as the most durable chest waders?
  2. Bootleg this time of year is basically a creek. It’s gotten worse in the last few years. Used to be able to spend all day slaying fish from there to M highway. That’s not the case anymore. At least for myself.
  3. Cwallis

    On beds?

    Can’t say I don’t agree. My concern is I was wondering why the bite has slowed down so much. Thought that could be an option so was getting observation and opinions. I’m more of an aggressive angler. I throw crankbaits a majority of the time and rarely throw in finesse unless I think it’s necessary. With that being said bed fishing isn’t my thing and I hope it didn’t come off that way.
  4. Cwallis

    On beds?

    That’s why I’m wondering about beds. We’ve fished every time the river has been fishable. Will be out of the country for over a week after Friday, and today the river looked great so I imagine should be a good weekend to hit the river if I could. I just noticed the last couple times out the bite was tough so didn’t know what everyone was seeing.
  5. Cwallis

    On beds?

    Not sure. I think the 31st. In all my years of fishing rivers I have never kept a fish.
  6. Cwallis

    On beds?

    Anyone been seeing any fish on beds in the rivers yet. We been flat hammering them up until last week. Not enough fishing time on count of only going when the river drops. Since last week it hasn’t been a good bite for me. Would love to blame the cold front or beds instead of my own skills. What is everyone seeing? I have not laid eyes on a bed yet.
  7. Not trying to be ignorant but as soon as the name of a stream with the qualities you listed. It will probably no longer be quiet or full of fish. Not saying you would be one to destroy a creek but there are trolls on here that will jump in a stream with no regard to how sensitive the ecosystem can be. What might be helpful is that any wadeable stream that has good riffles and some holes should be solid choices.
  8. Does anyone have any idea where a feller can get some parts for a reel. I have a bass pro qualifier i May need a line guide and pawl for?
  9. Smalliebigs. I might be game. Not sure if you are referring to big river or big creek tho. That could change things.
  10. Lol I think it could be. Maybe I’ll run into y’all sometime. Great fish in that river. I just wish conservation would pay more attention to the ones pulling out stringers of smallmouth to keep. Take all the spotted possible tho lol
  11. Thanks. Once the river gets back to fishable levels I think it will be time to see what the hype is regarding the tackle hd lures. Ive invested in quite an assortment from these guys and they look phenomenal. Will be fishing that helgrammite on a shakey head and the craw on some weedless jig heads. It should be deadly.
  12. Not a smallmouth nor was it in a river but thought it was pretty interesting. Hit a couple ponds and lakes yesterday during the rain and was flat tearing them up. Thought it’d be cool to share this pic. Mouth full of frog and still crushed a 3 inch jerkbait.
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