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  1. Cwallis

    Fishing kayak.

    Mountain curs and I have a couple black mouth curs. I don’t usually take them anywhere unless it’s hunting on count they like to stay gone. Lol. Wouldn’t be an enjoyable fishing trip.
  2. Cwallis

    Fishing kayak.

    Thanks. If I like it I will be motivated to upgrade. I raise hunting dogs which is my biggest hobby, but in the summer when it’s too hot to chase hogs I start fishing for smallmouth. Mainly iron and Washington counties. Small rivers and creeks. Wanted a kayak just to hold more gear and add a little comfort.
  3. Cwallis

    Fishing kayak.

    It might not last one trip. I’ve never fished out of a kayak so I wasn’t going to spend 1000 on something I may not even like. I don’t get to fish often and am always wading or in a jet. Was figuring a kayak would be nice on the small creeks and rivers I normally wade but can pack a lunch and more gear than just wading. What makes a $1000 worth the difference?
  4. Cwallis

    Fishing kayak.

    I just purchased a SOT fishing kayak. Was looking at dicks sporting goods they had one for about 500 +. The fella actually told me it’s half priced at Walmart. Sure enough it was. It’s a lifetime tamarack. Don’t know how well it works but excited to try it out. If I don’t like the kayak experience I’m only out 250.
  5. Cwallis


    I’m about 5’8”-5’9”. 150 pounds. I was looking at 10ft bc of the streams I plan to go I usually wade. Smaller rivers and creeks mostly. Any pros and cons between the 2. I was just seeing what’s out there before buying new.
  6. Cwallis


    Anyone have a fishing kayak for sale fairly cheap. Preferably SOT. Never done it before but am wanting to try a kayak. Don’t want to spend a lot in case it isn’t as enjoyable as I hope it is.

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