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  1. Lol I think it could be. Maybe I’ll run into y’all sometime. Great fish in that river. I just wish conservation would pay more attention to the ones pulling out stringers of smallmouth to keep. Take all the spotted possible tho lol
  2. Thanks. Once the river gets back to fishable levels I think it will be time to see what the hype is regarding the tackle hd lures. Ive invested in quite an assortment from these guys and they look phenomenal. Will be fishing that helgrammite on a shakey head and the craw on some weedless jig heads. It should be deadly.
  3. Not a smallmouth nor was it in a river but thought it was pretty interesting. Hit a couple ponds and lakes yesterday during the rain and was flat tearing them up. Thought it’d be cool to share this pic. Mouth full of frog and still crushed a 3 inch jerkbait.
  4. Some unpredictable quarry. That’s what makes it fun. If a person can tell you where and how to catch fish any given day they are lying or lucky lol
  5. Great fish. Try to keep the riffles clear. Those jams can be dangerous for floaters if any current.
  6. Haha thanks. Probably be doing it again after this weekend. Will do what it takes to get to the fish. Reckon it’s easier to hit the lakes but lake fishing doesn’t do it for me.
  7. It’s been rather tough fishing despite the weather and river levels. They’ll turn on and off in a flash. It’s going to get better.
  8. Honest words there. Al it appears we may have caught some of the same fish before by chance. At least in the same eddys and rock drops.
  9. If you get the chance to go hope you land a big one. Access on creeks and rivers is getting scarce. Cherish it while we can.
  10. They are right no access there. We have a private access way upstream from there and use it often, but they are not easy to come by. Cherokee Landing will put you in upstream from their place. Decent float.
  11. Almost all of our fish was on crankbaits. They are starting to spread out I believe. Was catching them in places wouldn’t have expected to. I think water temp was 52 Saturday.
  12. A few fish. Even dinks was smoking bigger cranks.
  13. For some reason won’t let me load anymore pics. Keeps saying file was too large and skipped.
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