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  1. conman

    Ned Heads?

    I stopped by Sportsman's Factory Outlet in Springfield this morning an bought a couple packs of 1/8 painted head, look just like Dave's with the number 1 Mustad hook an the twisted strand weed guard. 25 for $17. I also tried to buy from Dave but never heard back. I hope all is good. Chris
  2. conman

    Strong Shallow Bite Finally!!!

    Nice job guys! Thanks for the report.
  3. conman

    11-24 Bassin

    Nice Job Guys! I would have been a donor yesterday. Chris
  4. conman

    Pomme Friday

    Nice Job! Thanks for the report.
  5. conman

    Daily Corps Info On Pomme De Terre Lake

    Excellent. Thanks
  6. conman

    Daily Corps Info On Pomme De Terre Lake

    The Corp's Daily lake level and water temp is no longer working. Does anyone have a new one or a link to lake temp? Thanks
  7. conman

    Pomme update

    Has anyone been out? What is the water clarity like, is it chocolate milk or is it clearing? Has anyone fished since the rains came?? Any luck?
  8. conman

    Pomme Report

    KC, Thanks for the report. The 7 is a beauty! Chris
  9. conman

    Pomme for Bass Saturday

    Wes, Did you have any luck? Did you hear any results from the tournament?
  10. conman

    Pomme Ramps?

    Can anyone provide an update? Are most ramps open? Are the coves frozen? Thanks
  11. conman

    I Have The Worst Luck Fishing Pomme

    Brandon, Misery loves company... I fished for about 6 hours this weekend with 1 13" fish to show for it. The fact that they are dropping the lake is what I attribute the slow fishing to. Great weekend to be on the water.
  12. conman

    Pomme Walleye

    So I accidentally caught a walleye when I was Bass fishing this weekend. My wife and I stayed on the same bank and proceeded to get 8 keepers with the biggest ones around 3.8 lbs. I was throwing a jerkbait in a good spawn cove. I would love to know more about catching them on a more consistant basis. Do walleye naturally reproduce at Pomme? Is this their spawn time? With the clear water now I was amazed how many other walleye follows I had.
  13. conman

    Temps And Clarity

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a good day. Im gunna try to get em this weekend.
  14. conman

    Yes There Are Muskie In Pomme !

    I got my first keeper (38") three weeks ago on a small crankbait while fishing for bass and thirty minutes later I caught a 30". Both very shallow on the Pomme side.
  15. conman

    Small Mouth?

    My boat has caught two keepers and a couple shorts this spring. The last three years combined I had only caught 2. I asked a gentleman from the conservation department about them and this was his reply: "I’m glad to hear that you have had success at catching smallmouth on Pomme de Terre Lake. There has been no introduction or stocking of smallmouth bass at Pomme de Terre Lake. There are sustainable smallmouth bass population in Pomme de Terre River, Lindley Creek and many other streams that flow into the lake. Overall, the number of smallmouth bass found in Pomme de Terre Lake is low, except in the upper sections of the lake near where the streams enter the lake. If you are catching more smallmouth bass now than in the past, I would say that it is just a coincidence. Pomme de Terre Lake, compared to Table Rock or the other White River chain lakes does not contain the amount of rocky substrate and the water is usually not nearly as clear. Both factors play a part in the lower density smallmouth bass population in the lake."

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