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  1. Was out Fri and Sat. Water is very murky down by Nemo, but much clearer (maybe 4 ft visibility ) up by the dam. Once you get up past about point 6 on the Pomme you get the same very stained, muddy, water. Bass were just not cooperating for us and most that we did catch were about 7 inches long.
  2. Saturday was really tough for the bass. Sunday was a much better day. The fish I am finding have not moved too far back into the coves and are partial to a jig.
  3. Great Job! I got after the bass good last weekend, and will be back tomorrow.
  4. My guess it is the Charger Tournament. No results yet.
  5. I went out for a few hours yesterday and it is still pretty tough. Was not able to get a deep bite on either the bluffs or points. I got three squeaker keepers and missed another by being in the right place right time, throwing a Pop-R by fish chasing shad. I'm ready for late fall... Chris
  6. I stopped to see if he was okay and he was on the phone to the towing company. Supposedly they came and told him they could not help. Bad bad morning...
  7. Link to find out what tournaments are on all Mo lakes. https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/WP04Web/app/searchRegattaWeb?action=Search+Again
  8. I fished 5 hours on Sat and never got bit. Water at the dam had 3 ft visibility and 39 deg, back of Cooper up the Pomme was chocolate milk and 46 deg. I got a ton of confidence for USA Bassin on Sat...
  9. Link works great... We are somebody now!
  10. Well Done! Braving the elements yesterday paid off.
  11. Excellent! I appreciate the reply. Good luck to ya! Chris
  12. Does anyone know the status on the lake as far as ice goes? I would assume the back of the coves are frozen, how are the ramps and the main channel? I would love to get out this weekend in the 60 deg weather. thanks, chris
  13. conman

    Ned Heads?

    I stopped by Sportsman's Factory Outlet in Springfield this morning an bought a couple packs of 1/8 painted head, look just like Dave's with the number 1 Mustad hook an the twisted strand weed guard. 25 for $17. I also tried to buy from Dave but never heard back. I hope all is good. Chris
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