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  1. That's a great story. Did you tell the guy yes I have a whole bag, but there high price out here on the water.😀 Might try to get down this weekend. Weather going to warm up.
  2. Slow today other than the drum. Few bass and walleye dragging crawlers on main lake points. Lots of boaters out today. We are going out again this evening after cold off.
  3. KCKT

    June 28

    Lots of drum today. They are fun to catch on a spoon. We did manage a couple bass and a walleye on the main lake points dragging crawlers. One bass on spinner bait up by the flooded brush. Headed out this evening let it cool down and pleasure boaters get off the lake.
  4. KCKT

    June 28

    Thank you for report. Just looking forward to getting out of town. We've chased those big gills when things are slow. Mighty tasty. How ever catches the most drum on any outing is the drum master.
  5. KCKT

    June 28

    Heading down Friday. Sounds like the crank pulling bite is slow. Anyone been out bass fishing. Buddy and I will be in white and silver Charger SUV. I will post if we can fiqure anything out . Thanks
  6. KCKT

    Personal Best

    Great fish. Usually the way it is. Sometimes best fishing is by accident. That's why it's so fun to go. Go crappie fishing and catch eyes. Go bass fishing and catch big slabs.
  7. Enjoyed the day with my buddy Dorman Caught a few fish 4 would have been keepers. Most fish off jig, Few off wart. Most all came off windy points. Water temp mid 50s. I do like the Bull one of my favorite areas to visit.
  8. KCKT

    4-10 morning

    Been there done that. Started tying two ropes. Catching fish made up for though. Think if you got skunked and wet.
  9. I found a Charger SUV last year while looking for the same style of boat. Lots of room, two live wells and a bait well. Takes rough water well. 7' Rods in rod box, lots of storage. Mine 190 they make the 210 also.
  10. The smile says it all. Great job.
  11. KCKT


    Nice fish. Little warm weather is like turning the switch on.
  12. Lake finally opened up this week. Found a few crappie in 24-30 ft of water. The ones we caught were not in the brush piles, but laying of the breaks right of the bottom. Bait had to be almost dead still. If the boat started moving, with the little wind we had, you wouldn't get bit. It was great to be back on the water. It's been a long winter.
  13. Drove by Little Platte boat ramp today. Lake starting to open up. Going to be slow with this crazy weather. Global warming more like mini ice age. Crappie be on the banks in June. Hope you guys down south getting some good fishing in. May need to road trip.
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