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  1. It seems that Memorial weekend always has a little moisture in it. I have seen some folks sayin that just North of the Osage basin, someone is gonna get 7". I believe that is In the Kaw river valley? When I was just a youngen, my Grandpa had 1200 acres that took some Marais des Cygnes River.
  2. The forecast for Sat-Tuesday on the upper Osage basin is for 2-3" of heavy rain.
  3. Cal2


    It should make for a good hatch this year.
  4. Females are off the banks a ways, hit pretty good on minnows. We did better in the evenings, but was able to catch a mess in the mornings. We had better luck catching the females with the bobbers set about 5' deep. The males are on the banks, even in the mornings.....but that was how it worked for us.
  5. You will have to access it from the East side, it will be on your right.
  6. After a few years of crappie fishing, I have found that the post spawn fishing with jigs is about as enjoyable too.....
  7. For whites,you can put your boat in on the Pomme river at McCrackin bridge, that is a gravel ramp off PP highway.
  8. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take water to reach Pomme, when it rains South of there? Thanks!
  9. Fish were 10-13' deep where I was last weekend. Yeah, 2-3 weeks out!
  10. It's located in zone 22.
  11. Agreed, having a dock there for the last twenty years, I can remember sometimes that it was as late as June before the reinspection's have been done. There is some good info on the following site that you can track the last few years. http://pommedeterre.uslakes.info/Level/
  12. The Corps inspects the docks every year, they try to do it April 1st and want the lake at normal pool(839). They then give everyone 30 days to fix any problems, then reinspect 30 days later, again at normal pool. Occasionally they have to put of the inspections a few days/weeks if there is to much perception.
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