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  1. Amen, I say to you, Amen. Sounds like this is correct, right and just.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I plan on catching some hawgs at night, can't wait.
  3. Is there any largemouth on the beds yet, just got back from Theodosia at bullshoals. Lots of beds but no fish on the beds, lots of small mouth and k's caught off the beds at night but not many largemouth. Wondering if it's the same at the Rock.
  4. Good report, thanks, have a nice dinner.
  5. Using a kayak and the current was more than I bargained for a mile up from Taylor's, may try to fish somewhere up from that without the kayak. Thanks.
  6. Great, thanks for the reply, I am ready to get started with the A rig.
  7. Not a avid A rig fisherman, but I'm wondering what water temps are best for throwing the A rig for big bass ? I have also noticed that most throw them on the bluffs, is that the best place to throw the A rig.
  8. I heard the whites we're up running the river, thought that sounds fun, sat 3 -7pm at Taylor's, swift current no whites but 6 14" k's cranking the bluff, Sunday 8- 2:00 at steel bridge w/ slower current only a few whites a 3lb largemouth, I was disappointed in not catching a lot more whites, normally this time of year you can limit in a few hours. Now I know how Charlie Brown feels, good grief.
  9. Thanks for the advice on the sea star lines, didn't think about that.
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