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  1. Ah the old woman never comes out and if we told her she would just worry. Get some spray take care of it. oneshot
  2. Oh this place isn't Gated but because of Druggies and all just things are locked up. Got 10 Cameras around my place. Can't get away with nothing without everyone knowing. How in the heck can a person unload a Box and have a neighbor hundred yards away know what is in the Box? At the Cabin it is Gated but actually get away with more there. oneshot
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  4. I read the series of books A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins. It inspired me to travel and every time I found myself where he had written about I felt as if I had been there before. oneshot
  5. I have some Cutting but not heavy yet. Its been around 8 years but I killed Squirrels in July Cutting. Its just really too hot to mess with yet. oneshot
  6. oneshot 1

    Face Masks

    Yes I know I've used it. My Son used it at work, not sure if he went after them. They gave him couple more years to live. Me they Prescribed Zantac to me every day for years. My original problem was from SKOAL and Whiskey. oneshot
  7. Are Squirrels cutting Hickory Nuts yet? oneshot
  8. Anyone finding any Chanterelles? oneshot
  9. oneshot 1

    Face Masks

    Yelp done did the Paperwork. My Son has Lymphoma and is dying says they think it was from Roundup. Really hard telling with me I have been around so much bad stuff all my life. oneshot
  10. Was talking about having Hives the other day. I told this Guy problem with Bees is you can be wiped out over night but I believe this is true with raising anything. oneshot
  11. Well we are Federal and had to work every day. Just didn't have Meetings and Hands on Classes. I'm to wear Face Masks everywhere I go. Right now I'm not doing as much because I'm going through Radiation. I was worried when I messed my Shoulder up and was told I'm a Supervisor let the young Guys do it. Strange first one I had to chew out was my Boss. Went to unload a Truck, it was already unloaded, ???? Found out he had unloaded it by himself. Supposed to always have two people. oneshot
  12. oneshot 1


    Funny I was raised in the Ozarks moved North worked as a Union Baker. Was there long enough to be known and was like them. Moved back to the Ozarks, been here several years. First thing I was told was I would be fine here because I already knew the rules. Never call the Law and always Pack. Was having trouble with a neighbor from St. Louis. I was told by an other neighbor they have their City ways and I have my Hillbilly ways, so we are going to clash. Funny I go to the North East I'm considered Southern. I go to the South I'm considered a Yankee. oneshot
  13. We like Elderberry Pies and such. Is growing a patch justified? oneshot
  14. I use to fish Taney every weekend and remember the Trout being different tasting. I went to Taney caught Trout and they tasted the same as the ones out of the river. Am I missing something? oneshot
  15. We decided mainly Chickens and Rabbits for meat. Goats are just too High Dollar to justify butchering them. My wife just put 40 eggs in the Incubator. oneshot
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