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  1. We was to go to our Daughters for Thanksgiving but her and our Son in Law both had COVID-19. Didn't bother us until so many in the county is Positive and few dying in the Family. Just stay home for the most part. Boss says we are to get the Vaccine soon. Because we are Essential Workers. oneshot
  2. Years ago I was hunting with a Brother in Law last two days of the season. Antlerless were legal. He was using 16Ga. with Slugs, I was using a 30-30 Winchester. Doe jumps up. Brother in Law shoots. Deer keeps running. I shoot she goes down. Brother in Law runs up puts his Tag on her. I asked what are you doing? I killed her I'm tagging her. Could see where his Slug, went through the Ham came out the Flank. I told him I killed that Deer. Ok where did you hit her? Well we'll find out more when we skin her. Get her home. Skinned her, couldn't see no place I had hit her. Him and his
  3. I have a Capper like for Sidelock. I have 54Cal. Sidelock I like with Patch and Ball. I use Pyrodex RS because it is easy to get. I have Inlines and Sidelocks even Shotguns. Get right down to it I like Sidelocks. I started using Muzzle Loaders 1965. oneshot
  4. I was just over at Moon Valley. Anyone fish for Goggle Eye there? oneshot
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  6. Did they Field Dress him? oneshot
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  8. After Brush Fire me and my Son was out. I had to send him over to the next Ridge to get Leaves. oneshot
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  10. Try living without a Fan in middle of the Summer. Like A/C now. oneshot
  11. My wife is doing some traveling today. Because of the rain and cooler temperatures I'm hurting too bad so I'm staying home. Was just reading about a Guy that Loved the Mountains but with age couldn't no longer go into the Mountains. I lived it the Mountains but in a short time I found I didn't care for them. It was kind of in your face thing. Every day you wake up there they were. I climbed to the top of a mountain brought back a little rock saying I still have the mountain, went deep into a mine brought out a little rock. Pretty cool have a rock from thousands of feet up and a little roc
  12. Wonder if any on here are around Gooch Mill? Spent several days of my childhood there. Last time I was there was in 1971. We always called it Goochers Mill. oneshot
  13. There isn't any over here by us at Bennett Springs. Use to see them on the road at night. Had to laugh at our Daughter. Wish what ever that is would just shut up! oneshot
  14. When we had our farm had Whip poor will's . Remember hearing my first Whip poor will of the Spring the day our Granddaughter died of SIDS Just haven't heard any for years where have they gone? oneshot
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