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  1. Yea I've been sharpening often. oneshot
  2. I leave my GPS on because if I have problems and I need help I can summon help and they can find me through my Phone. oneshot
  3. Got to thinking Person walks into a Gas Station with Mask and Gloves on. Nothing thought of it until they Rob the place. Officer he was about 5' 9", White, was wearing Blue Jeans and Hoody. oneshot
  4. Fishing from the bank I liked it at night. All alone, Light, Toilet and place to get something to eat across the Highway. Now I have some Coves I like fishing. Now get up on Truman Lake there is several places to put in. I'm wondering if Sapp's is open. More of a river but great fishing. oneshot
  5. Was going to just put out a few things. Then decided I might actually Garden. My wife had a fit just thinking of Canning. oneshot
  6. Yea it is just gravel. oneshot
  7. I was told today they have came up with reducing flem by gargling, drinking warm liquids and wash everything with Soap. I said to them seems like people dealing with normal allergies are subseptable to the virus? They agreed but people with Allergies are already doing what they can to ease things. oneshot
  8. Yea my wife does work for FEMA some times because they don't want to get out and look over an area. Plus in truth they pay out very little in a disaster. I haul some FEMA stuff but they are the only ones that put it out. Most time it is for the Red Cross. We are trained through FEMA but Homeland Security don't have a training program. But I'm also trained through Highway Patrol, Military and First Responders. oneshot
  9. Well found I can still go for now. oneshot
  10. Well in past I never needed to and with my Job I just do as told and have GPS on the Truck telling me how to get there, plus usually have number to call them. Watching Radar I have found weather has its own mind what it is going to do. oneshot
  11. Where I go I can't now for awhile. 😭 oneshot
  12. Well just got word I can't go to the range or Fishing because both are in the wrong direction and I've been waiting on Ammo. I got a Private Range I can go to but not really interested in hanging out with these Guys. oneshot
  13. Yes there might be other oneshots around that I don't know about. Claim 6. oneshot
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