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  1. Hey all, i am considering doing some online tournaments... has anyone ever done them? any tips? i am looking at tourneyx and it appears some are online, and some are in person. let me know I think it would be interesting... but also dont want to drop $30+ and have it be a scam.
  2. AHHH! I completely forgot about that! hopefully it stops raining and all the water goes down soon. Thanks!!!
  3. Hey all, first year w/o a boat or kayak and at a loss to know where to go fish. I hate to drive an hour to a lake to only be able to fish a boat ramp, or dock if they have one. Parks in my area seem jammed to the gills. any decent lakes or ponds one can walk around, I've been to perryville lake which isnt bad for bank fishing. but it's an hour from my house, would like something closer to the imperial, arnold, mo area if it exists. parks like I said have been my only option. hoping for something more.
  4. anyone know if the public can fish this? I though I read a while go it was open to the public, but can't find anything mentioning it now. it's across the high way a bit from perryville lake.
  5. Hey folks I am not looking for secret spots... but where are some decent lakes to bank fish for bass? im used to a boat or kayak but they're currently 'down' o it's bank fishing for me... i have no clue where to go. I've gone several places that I used to boat... and no where is GOOD for bank fishing. im just looking for decent bank area at multiple places around the lake to be able to cast and fish. i'll probably hit some wading streams a little later in the year. but would like to find some decent lakes. anything in jefferson, franklin couple counties either way???
  6. as mentioned before I have issues with getting my boat legal. all that aside I'd still like to at least get it running, because eventually it will (Lord willing) be legal. My dad jackknifed the trailer slightly the last time he drove it, bending the coupler, ball hitch, whatever you want to call it. it stays connected to the ball just fine, I've towed it in the past with zero issues... my worry is it wont pass inspection. it's a slight bend. (not the whole tongue, just the coupler that attached to the ball on the truck) will grinding off the old coupler and replacing constitute 'modifying'
  7. thanks a lot. i've talked to several lawyers... several mentioned something like this... however it had to be done within a certain amount of time after my dads passing and we're outside of that window. I intend on going to talk to more though. Thank you!
  8. yep, I have the boat title, it's in dads name. the thing that really irritates me is.. no one else is contesting it, everyone agrees the boat is mine. I'm not trying to make a buck off of it, i just want to use it. and Missouri has to have their hand in every little thing, to make sure they dont miss out on a buck.
  9. I thought of that too, the boat doesnt say that.... so it's doubtful anything else does. Im at wits end.
  10. OK folks long story, but please read and let me know your thoughts. My dad passed away about 5 years ago, and verbally left me his boat... he didn't have a will. The spring of the year after he passed away my mom got the boat legal to use, and then misplaced all the paperwork except the actual boat title. I have no trailer or outboard title. It's sat unused in my garage since then. I desperately want to get this legal to use, and fix up (It needs a LOT of work) - however at every turn I am told i need to go to probate which will cost a minimum 3 times what the boat is worth. doe
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