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  1. Hello, Been floating the Bourbeuse since 89 and without a doubt the best river to float/fish. However, as I’m sure most of you are aware, accesses have become fewer over the years. Noser’s Mill access on old 185 was barricaded off in 2000 after someone burned down the mill. Mayer’s Landing no longer is useable due to the fact the river is now a half mile away. Anyway, looking for a solution for a couple floats.... Does anyone have any accesses below Noser’s Mill? Does anyone have any accesses in the vicinity of Mayer’s landing but actually on the river? This would make Reikers to Mayer’s or Mayer’s to Union doable again. Access would be for a couple small boats (would need a gravel bar or some sort of a makeshift ramp) and maybe a canoe. Absolutely willing to pay whatever to utilize any accesses anyone has available. thank you for your time. Good luck all this fishing season!
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