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  1. Catfishing on the Missouri River, LOz, and Truman.
  2. It appears that you're misunderstanding quite a lot of things.
  3. You're a touchy little thing. lol Give it a few years. It will come to you eventually.
  4. Not exactly, and yes, thank you, hypothesis is a big word, but I am familiar with its meaning. Hypothesis is a what-if? idea. Preconceived notion is when you, or your sugar daddy corporate pimp, has a certain outcome in mind before the experiment begins.
  5. Experiments can only fail when the one doing the experimenting has a preconceived notion of success. You're a young buck full of piss and vinegar. Time and experience will temper that. You'll understand what I mean one of these years.
  6. Someone who draws a conclusion based on limited data, and biased by preconceived notions. Sort of exactly what you did when you claimed that I don't work with a bunch of scientist types.
  7. I work with a bunch of scientist types. They are smarter than the rest of us. If you don't believe it just ask one of them. But they have sensitive feelers and are prone to emotional outbursts when others don't agree with their learned conclusions.
  8. I caught a brown 27" 7lbs back in '92. Fished it a ton since then and haven't hit another one over 20". It's been four or five years since we tried it. Last time down there we worked hard for two over 18".
  9. I don't think anyone is laying responsibility for flooding on MDC. Eagles are federally protected so MDC gets a pass on them too. MDC is 100% responsible for the stinking otters, and they could certainly step up enforcement to curtail the poaching of our gamefish. They could shut down gigging on the "trophy" sections of the trout/SMB streams with the stroke of a pen. If they wanted to.
  10. That's one of them suckerfish the natives like to catch on their frog stickers.
  11. 45acp

    Cardiac Hill

    Those are the King's Deer, you miserable peasant! How dare you question the will of the King?!
  12. 45acp

    Cardiac Hill

    Kinda what I was getting at. We all pay a sales tax dedicated to "conservation". For what? Trout streams with few trout. Closed hatcheries. Lax enforcement. Bad information. Condescending attitude. Stupid regulations. Straight-up lies. But we have nice parks and bicycle trails.
  13. 45acp

    Cardiac Hill

    If it swims it's gonna get stuck. Toothless is gonna do what Toothless is gonna do. I don't get why all of those smart guys at MDC don't want to admit that it's happening. It doesn't make a lick of sense to permit gigging/snagging on a stretch of red ribbon trout water.
  14. 45acp

    Cardiac Hill

    Any of you guys put your trout guts in a trash bag and take them home? Me neither...
  15. 45acp

    Cardiac Hill

    I used to fish that stretch of the Mac several times a year. Haven't been on it in a few years, but the last time I was down there most of the good holes were graveled in. What kind of shape is it in these days?
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