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  1. Got back out on the MO over Labor Day weekend. Lots of guys fishing. Lots of fish being caught. We saw a couple jumbos in other boats. We didn't catch any big ones, but we got enough nice eaters to fill five one-gallon ziplock bags with nuggets.
  2. Had the day off, and needed some peace and quiet time to myself, so I decided to hit LOz at Warsaw. Launched at East Bledsoe 6:30am. Soon as I got out of the dead water arm I noticed that there was very little current and thought to myself "Well, poop." Set up my first drift just downstream of the no boating zone and nailed an eater blue within 50 yards of where I started. Thought to myself "Well, maybe not poop." But I was wrong. It was poop. Spent a few hours up there dragging live 3"-4" bluegills and 4"-6" shiners. No more bites. Went down and hit the ledge on the b
  3. I rarely pack a lunch when I go fishing, I just don't get to go often enough to counteract the ice cold 12oz cans of Steak, Taters, And Gravy that sustain me in this miserable heat and humidity.
  4. You're welcome to think whatever CNN tells you to think. It's no skin off me.
  5. Here's how I see it. Pretty much all of the political establishment, left and right, hates the Emperor Trump, because most of the time he refuses to go along with their BuSiness As Usual. I truly believe that the Emperor has the best interest of normal Americans as the basis of most of his actions. He has worked very hard to get the US out from under the financial thumb of the commies in China by making it easier for companies to do business profitably here at home. The fact that he's a jackass and a whoremonger are meaningless to me. He's trying to do the right thing for our coun
  6. People are people. Some people have light skin. Some people have dark skin. Some people behave like animals. Some people behave in a civilized manner. Behavior has nothing to do with skin color, despite what the enemedia, politicians, and race baiters would like to have us think. Shitty people come in all colors, as do decent people.
  7. For the smallmouth and trout - Pick up a bag of 6" bubblegum color Zoom worms and some 2/0 light wire worm hooks. I like the red ones. Rig it wacky. Maybe add a split shot on the line to get it down into the current. Maybe bite off an inch or two if they don't want the whole thing. Toss it into the head of a hole and drift it in. Any 4" finesse worm will do the same thing. Watermelon/motor oil colors usually pretty good. I wouldn't bother with 4" grubs. Get some 3" or 4" soft plastic crayfish. Rig Texas style on a standup or ned. Rebel Deep Teeny Wee Craw.
  8. The rivers are all a wreck right now, so I'm thinking I'll take the Mrs. up there tomorrow afternoon. Will depend on the weather conditions. After the rains last night there's no doubt that the water will be muddy. If I wind up going I'll report back after I get home.
  9. Honestly couldn't tell you his specialty. He was the main dude at Putnam's in Columbia when they were in business.
  10. It's very possible that my boat mech is full of bull puckey. Not that boat mechs are known for that. lol
  11. If you have Evinrude gauges, not sure if it works the same with aftermarket stuff, or anything pre-ETEC for that matter... when you turn the key to the run position, but before you crank it - watch the tach needle - it will jump up to somewhere and stop - whatever rpm reading the tach needle lands on - that's close to the number of hours on your EMM. My boat mech told me about that when I had it in for servicing over the winter.
  12. The tach tells you that at start-up if you know what to look for. Not down to the exact minute, but close enough to know if it's time for a 300hr servicing.
  13. It's really hard to imagine that Bombardier shareholders will allow the company to sit on the Evinrude brand. That technology is worth a lot of money. Surely some other corporate interest will come along with enough cash to buy it.
  14. I can't think of even one nice thing to say about that.
  15. That's what my fishing buddy says. I figure I've made it this far in life without bashing in a drum's head so I'm probably good to go without doing it now. lol
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