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  1. Honestly couldn't tell you his specialty. He was the main dude at Putnam's in Columbia when they were in business.
  2. It's very possible that my boat mech is full of bull puckey. Not that boat mechs are known for that. lol
  3. If you have Evinrude gauges, not sure if it works the same with aftermarket stuff, or anything pre-ETEC for that matter... when you turn the key to the run position, but before you crank it - watch the tach needle - it will jump up to somewhere and stop - whatever rpm reading the tach needle lands on - that's close to the number of hours on your EMM. My boat mech told me about that when I had it in for servicing over the winter.
  4. The tach tells you that at start-up if you know what to look for. Not down to the exact minute, but close enough to know if it's time for a 300hr servicing.
  5. It's really hard to imagine that Bombardier shareholders will allow the company to sit on the Evinrude brand. That technology is worth a lot of money. Surely some other corporate interest will come along with enough cash to buy it.
  6. I can't think of even one nice thing to say about that.
  7. That's what my fishing buddy says. I figure I've made it this far in life without bashing in a drum's head so I'm probably good to go without doing it now. lol
  8. Caught a 7lb drum out of the Osage on Saturday. Tossed it in the deadwell and brought it home. Got maybe a pound of nice meat off the back. Maybe there was some more to get from other places, but I didn't see how what was left would be worth the effort to remove it. Fish fry yesterday - I cut the drum fillets into nuggets, egg wash and rolled in Andy's Red. 300° peanut oil til it floated. Also did some white bass and bluegill the same way. Wife, daughter, and 77yo Dad all thought the drum was every bit as good as the other fish. Dad was expecting it to be full of bones. He said he'd rather eat drum from now on because it's easier to eat than bluegill. lol I thought it was perfectly acceptable table fare. Mild flavor - not as fishy-tasting as the WB or BG. I'd stack him somewhere in the middle of eating fish. Not as good as walleye or flathead, better than trout park trout or largemouth bass. The texture was fine, but I suspect that it would turn to rubber if it was left in too long or if the oil was too hot. That said, I probably won't kill another one on purpose, unless someone in the family specifically requests more of it. Butchering fish is something that I don't enjoy at all, and for what this guy yields I really don't feel good about killing him. And no, I didn't bash his head apart to get the rocks out.
  9. I've never eaten a white drum, but I am curious. Next time I catch a big one I'm going to take it home and try it.
  10. Cousin of mine lived up on the bluff at Easley. He told me that he watched many a big cottonwood get swallowed like that, but it was more impressive to see them come back up. Imagine seeing a 80' tall tree just pop up out of the water and go flying through the air, then sploosh back in and disappear again.
  11. You'll need a 4x4 ATV to get to the blew hole at I-70 crossing. The access road was destroyed by the flooding last year. https://www.fws.gov/nwrs/threecolumn.aspx?id=2147617700 Back in March my buddy put his yak in the hole northwest of there by the train track. Thought he might find some crappie, but he didn't.
  12. On the MO we are generally looking for catfish, but there are a lot of different kinds of fish in there. There are three species of sturgeon - pallid, lake, and shovelnose. Shovelnose are legal to take. Pallid and lake are protected. White bass and hybrids. Good luck finding them. Walleye. Good luck finding them. Common carp/buffalo. Not really my thing, but there's a lot of them and they get big. Gar. These are a lot of fun on rod and reel, and good to eat if you don't mind the work of butchering them. Make some rope lures and hang on! Silver Carp. They jump in your boat. Cut em up for catfish bait or just kill em and toss em back for the turtles. White drum. Does anybody catch drum on purpose? I've heard they're good eating but I've never tried one. Crappie. Hard to find but when you do they're usually going to be jumbos.
  13. I'll use this thread to report our successes and failures on the MO this season. We launched at Perche Creek ramp Friday afternoon 5/8/20. Jeff City gauge at 13.7' - ten foot lower than what we had to deal with most of last year. Historically, the wing dams are peeking out at 16' - two years of high water has blown the tops off of almost all of them between Perche Creek and I-70. There were a few of them showing out a couple or three foot like they should be. Most of them are just making really nasty riffles with a big rock showing here and there. Makes for very dangerous conditions - it's no place for inexperienced boaters right now. Friday afternoon we set 24 diddy poles, a couple limb lines, and one anchored jug line. Mostly hand sized live bluegills for bait, with a few 4" sized mixed in. Used 4" cut bluegills on the jug line. Went back Saturday morning and ran em. 14/15 diddy poles set within five miles of Perche Creek mouth were stripped clean. Caught an 8lb channel cat on the other one. Upriver from those most of them were untouched, baits still kicking. Found a couple of baits that looked like they'd been turtled. The cut bait on the jug line was untouched. Water temp was 63° Friday afternoon, 61° Saturday morning. Not a lot of guys out there this weekend. We saw maybe a dozen other diddy pole sets and one jug line on the 12 miles of river that we fished. Two 10lb-ish silver carp jumped into my boat. Took them home and chunked em up to use for cut bait later on. Met a guy coming out who had a 100lb+ blue in his boat. There's a cruiser boat hung in the trees on the south bank just downstream from Lupus.
  14. What's your definition of "running water"? Mean flows for this time of year are ~15kcfs. Right now it's running close to 40kcfs. I wouldn't want to be anywhere above the lock in a puddle jumper boat if it was running over 10kcfs. Below the lock it gets pretty lazy, but if you go down there on a weekend day when the weather is nice the pleasure boats/jet skis will ruin your day.
  15. All of those reasons are why I bought a 3/4 ton Cummins. Go when I want to go, stop when I want to stop. My truck tows a lot of things besides the boat, and it tows them safely.
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