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    Good luck, the hard part is finding them and it has been changing day to day. After catching a limit of crappie yesterday, I took my dad out this evening to the same spot and we only caught one. There were hardly any fish on the graph and there were lots of them there yesterday. It was still a beautiful evening on the lake. Vacation time well spent.
  2. No luck with walleye for me either, but I only caught 2 drum. :-) The crappie were as per above. After changing out colors more than once, I finally found 2 that they liked and got on them and at least went home with a full limit of crappie. I actually had to throw back 2. Caught one as I was pulling in the cranks after #15 and the last one that I caught was trolling for walleye and was probably 13 inches. Not the biggest of the day, but a nice fish. Pink was the color of the day for me as well.
  3. Heretolearn


    Wow, I went Sunday evening and it was my worst fishing evening of the year. I only caught 3 keeper crappie and haven't been since. After reading Mikeak's report, I was fishing in the wrong place and am now excited to go again. Thanks!
  4. It was interesting as yesterday the level at Bolivar landing was down below the orange paint on the ramp, but today it was back over the orange paint. I know the gauge says it is creeping up, but visually it was down on the south end yesterday. Is that common?
  5. The level was down a little today. Still catching fish, but gotta look in new places.
  6. I was at Bolivar landing last night and you could tie to the sign or pull up on the grass. You will need to wade a little to launch though.
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