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  1. Thanks for the update and looks like the drum bite was on. The water was extremely still and I usually don't have much luck in calm waters. Congrats! Ron
  2. The good fish were hitting 2-3 weeks ago. I had my best run of 4 trips ever for size. These were over a 9 days. Nothing huge, but consistent. The craziest thing was that the 4th of July was the slowest traffic day of the summer so far and it is usually the busiest in my experience(which is only the past 3 years). I had to fish most of the day yesterday to get 3 keepers, but it was fun. I caught 7 shorts. The catfish were hitting crazy early and then hit a run of drum later on.
  3. I have not been bass fishing, but am regularly catching large mouth and a few smallies, but have not caught a Kentucky/spot yet this year. Last year I kept and ate quite a few. Earlier in the year I caught a lot of small mouth.
  4. Sorry, no report here, I haven't been to Pomme in weeks.
  5. I guess I need to add a fishing trip to the north and eating Pike to my bucket list. I have never had one, but walleye are my favorite fish to eat. I can't imagine that they are better, but would like to be proven wrong.
  6. If you are wanting to catch a limit, I would wait until they quit dropping the lake so much. Once they start letting out ~6 inches a day, my luck fishing for them dramatically drops. It's more fishing and a whole lot less catching. There are a lot better fisherman on this site than me, but that has been my experience over the past 2 years and the same trend on both Pomme and Stockton.
  7. I have just been able to start fishing again about 3 years ago. 25 1/2 inches is the best that I have done on Stockton Lake. I caught a 7 lb walleye on a Shad Rap in the 1980's where I grew up and river fishing. My dad caught a couple of 10 lbers and my brother caught a 9 lber. My grandfather caught the biggest on a minnow - a 14 lb walleye in the late 70's. The mount is still at my parents.
  8. Thanks for the response! Where would l look for the MDC prospectus?
  9. Do you know when they do the census/crappie sampling and sample other gamefish? Several on this site state that recruitment is better during a flood and it makes sense + I know at Pomme last fall and early this spring near the dam, there were crazy numbers of shad, so I think their recruitment was excellent last year. I am curious how well the actual spawn went for the other species. Also does it usually take 2-3 years before we have a good idea how the spawn really went for game fish? I do know when I fished on the Sac River below Caplinger earlier this spring, I have never caught so many
  10. I am beginning to worry about the spawn this year. This past weekend I was trolling and turned in 60 feet of water ~200 yards from bank and caught a nice white female crappie full of eggs about 18 feet down. She was at least 150-200 yards from the bank. Most of the fish that I have caught have not spawned and are busting with eggs and in good flesh. Do we have any experts that have an educated guess when the crappie will give up on spawning. Several more senior friends tell me that they aren't going to spawn this year and that the spawn last year was very weak by the fish they caught.
  11. I have only caught one short walleye trolling on Pomme. My son caught a nice one 3 years ago with a crappie jig and that's it for my family on Pomme. I did catch several nice catfish trolling last year on Pomme - including a 10 lb channel. That was fun!
  12. I was north of Lightfoot boat ramp and it was much muddier than I anticipated and it was as busy as the 4th of July or busier. Crappie fishing was very slow, but did catch several baby bass. There were at least 10 different boats water skiing in the 2-3 miles that I roamed. It is way too cold for me to swim, but I hope they had fun and not too many sunburns. There was a crazy amount of waves from the boat traffic. The middle of the week will hopefully be better in regards to boat traffic and waves.
  13. Congratulations! I haven't gotten to fish for walleye at Stockton yet this year. I was planning on going today, but the water report and boat traffic report made me change my mind and I went crappie fishing at the Muddy Mississippi, I am mean Pomme de Terre. We caught a few, but nothing like last week.
  14. Great report and glad you are getting time to fish with your boys! I hope to get out again soon! You are the first successful turkey hunter that I have heard about. Where I hunt, we have had multiple poor hatches and I am not even going this year. Hopefully the hatch this year will be better!
  15. Nothing worth taking in my truck when I am fishing, but that is a bad deal. Hope everyone is catching a few fish, but have to admit that I am looking forward and hoping we get back to "Normal."
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