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  1. Very nice, I hope I get to go fishing with LMT OUT next year. It amazes me how keeps catching that many fish on bottom bouncers.
  2. Thanks for the report and glad you had a good time! I greatly appreciate the pictures and descriptions of lures and a style of fishing that I haven't tried yet. Pictures are very helpful for me. I still have a lot to learn about walleye fishing in particular as I have had days where I only caught a couple of shorts and LMTOUT or Walleyed Mike crush it. Usually I am at the wrong depth and it is crazy how quickly the correct depth can change.
  3. Congrats to all of you! Sorry about the accidental release. Hopefully I get to go at some point this weekend.
  4. We only caught 2 keepers today and several shorts, but we did find some crappie and ended up with 2 limits of crappie. First crappie that I have gotten on since the water dropped.
  5. Sorry, we went past this area today a couple of times and didn't see anything.
  6. I am glad that someone is starting to catch more of them. I am only catching 1-3 keepers per trip for my last 5-6 trips. I took a few days off and am persistent and we finally had a nice fish fry last night.
  7. I took Dad fishing this evening and dodged the rain. We only caught one crappie, but it was very nice on the lake and the courtesy dock at Bolivar Landing looks great! Thanks!
  8. Great report and sounds like I have new place that I need to visit. Thanks!
  9. :-) Good point, it is an aluminum boat and it would just be scuffed paint and scratches, but for an hour, it just wasn't worth it. For 4 or more hours, I probably would have put in anyway. There were people fishing on the north/west side of the ramp and I didn't want to be a jerk and pull up in them. MOPanfisher - hopefully it works out and I could see the tiles on the rocks and didn't know if they would be reusable or not.
  10. Thanks - it sounds like I need to speed up and need to try/buy some more colors and more crankbaits. :-)
  11. I went out to Bolivar Landing for the first time since before the 4th of July, but didn't get to put in as the courtesy dock was not usable and no place to pull up the boat without tearing up the bottom on concrete or rocks. I fish by myself or with my Dad who has Alzheimer's, so I need a dirt bank or a courtesy dock to pull the boat up. Does anyone know when the courtesy dock at Bolivar Landing will be fixed and ready to use? Thanks!
  12. I found a few shorts in the 15-18 foot range on Saturday morning, but looked like a drowned rat. No keepers for me. I can't seem to figure out what color they want now. It was pink, but on Saturday I only caught them on a Bandit with chartreuse and a Flicker Minnow with a hint of purple. I was trolling 1.8 mph. Did you find any particular colors that worked? Also, what speed were you trolling? Thanks!
  13. Congratulations - both on the fish and the good company! I do also have to compliment you on keeping the drum as well. We are getting way too many. It seems like I catch 1-3 every trip and I don't set them free. In regards to walleye, I have caught several shorts my last couple of trips, but only 3 keepers. I have also kept 3 nice spots. All of the fish have been full of shad and the bass usually burp them up when I catch them fishing for walleye. I will have to say that the spots eat good.
  14. Any updates on Pomme? I haven't been there since before the 4th of July.
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