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  1. How is the upper Gravois looking after all the rain? Thinking about fishing there tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Tok Ohmori. Sorry for butchering the spelling on his name. He had over 20lbs. Looked like he was fishing up by hwy 5 at the dock factory.
  3. Anyone watch MLF today on the Outdoor Channel? Looks like they were filming in the Gravois Arm last October.
  4. Getting started with airbrushing. I have my blanks and paint ordered. I was wondering which brush to order. Torn between the Iwata Neo or the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. I am painting for fun. Thanks for some advice.
  5. That looks good! I will look on ebay. Thanks
  6. I am just getting started with lure painting. Plan on using 1.5 & Wart blanks doing crawfish patterns to start with. What kind of template do you use for barring on crawfish patterns? Where would buy them also? Thanks.
  7. Has anyone used Crank Wraps? I am not happy with the red coloring on wiggle warts any more. In my opinion they look pink. I guess they are using the Demon coloring Rapala used on the DT series. I was looking at the Crank Wraps and the Red Craw and Cajun look good. Just looking for opinions. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the advice. Going to Canada this summer and trying to decide which ones to take. Probably take the Speed Shad.
  9. Which shad bait do you think is a better choice Speed Shad or Keitech Impact? Can you also tell me the reasons why? Thanks.
  10. I agree about String Creek. Tom's place is about 10 miles from my house. He is also a great dog trainer. He has helped me with my Shorthair and my French Britt.
  11. Thinking about going fishing Tuesday. I was wondering what kind of shape the water is after all the rain. Thanks
  12. Wanting to buy new reel this winter. Planning on buying either BPS Pro Quailifier or Lews LFS. What are the opinions on these two reels. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the input everyone. I went with Motorguide X3 55 lb non digital. Had it out once and was very happy.
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