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  1. Caught this little guy from the Jacks fork river right inside Eminence. Not a bluegill, green sunfish, rock bass or warmouth. The red eye is throwing me off. Any guesses what it is? Thanks in advance.
  2. North Fork of the White Snake River, Wyoming
  3. Our trip will be in mid-March of next year.
  4. Renting a canoe isn't an option. I'd be our first time on a canoe and with the combination of cold water and current, it's not something we'd feel safe doing.
  5. Hi all, next March my cousin and I are looking into taking a 3-day trip to somewhere in southern Missouri. After fishing the NFOW this past March for trout, we decided we wanted to come back to the Ozarks for smallies. My question for y'all is where is good place catch a few by wading at that time of year? I've been looking at Jacks Fork and the Current but I'd love to hear any other suggestions. Size isn't of the utmost importance, I just want to get him on some decent action. (On-river campsites is a plus) TIA. Picture is from last year's trip.
  6. Hi all, this past spring break my cousin and I took a trip down to the NFOW to hammer the trout. Well, I only caught two and he only caught a smallie. So I'd like to ask you guys for your suggestions. Preferable criteria include: great fishing, great scenery, rugged primitive campsites, adequate shore or wade fishing access, and somewhat off the grid. Looking to catch any species of trout with a slight edge toward browns. Thanks in advance!
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