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  1. Thats awesome! Sounds like the life! I'd be heading up there right about now. I never got a chance to fish that part of the state, I've heard there are smallmouth there. Maybe I'll have to take the jetboat up there. I'd like to take it to LOG on Holter lake and the lower Flathead too. I usually fished the rivers around Missoula like the Bitterroot, Clark Fork and Blackfoot (Also the MO, Beaverhead and Big Hole). I never really did any whitewater but I can maneuver some tight spots with the oars. My favorite place to bass fish was Noxon Rapids Reservoir up by Thompson Falls. The largemouth bass in the picture on my first post was caught there. Thanks! You guessed it. I graduated last fall and started working at Sho Me a few months ago. I've been liking it a lot so far, everyone has been great. I like living in Marshfield too, it has everything I need and seems like a good location.
  2. I can confirm, just measured. The transom is 20" and the motor is about 19" from where it hangs on the transom to the cavitation plate. So with the extension it appears to be a standard shaft length.
  3. I will definitely be hitting you up, I've never caught a white bass. The transom is standard as far as I know. I have no idea where the motor came from, it was on the boat when I got it. I'll have to measure to see if I need it. I've gone pretty shallow with it so I'm guessing it was a short shaft motor to begin with and was extended to 20".
  4. Wow that sounds like fun. Unfortunately I will be visiting family in Ironton, MO that weekend. If it happens again I'd love to go.
  5. Hello there! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tyler, I'm a late 20s guy that just graduated school and got a real job (in IT) in Marshfield, MO. I grew up in STL and have family up there. Most of my fishing in the Ozarks has been when I was little at ponds and trout parks. I spent the last 10yrs in Western Montana fishing mainly for trout but also bass and pike. I learned how to fly fish and worked at a fly shop for 2 summers on the Missouri river. (Crazy to see the MO river with clear water and big trout) My favorite fish to catch is smallmouth. It heavily influenced my decision to move to the Ozark area. I own a few boats, and if anyone has recommendations on where to take them to catch fish I would be grateful! (Especially the driftboat, anyone else have one around here?) I'm strictly catch and release unless we are talking catfish or walleye, maybe stocked trout too. The last 2 weekends I have taken my jet boat on the gasconade and put in at the Hazelgreen access. Last year I took it down to the White River and nymphed up some tiny trout with my fly rod. My GF and I took the kayaks down crooked creek in AR and that fished pretty well. I will definitely be researching these forums for suggestions on where to go. I joined hoping to find and share local fishing info... maybe find a fishing friend or two. I don't know anyone around here. I am going to attempt to add pics to this post... mostly as a learning experience (usually its a pain)... also some might find them interesting Here are my boats: 16ft Alumacraft Aluminum V bottom with 25hp tiller 16ft Stealthcraft Jet Boat with 40hp 16ft ClackaCraft Headhunter Driftboat 12ft Alumacraft Jon boat with 9.9hp tiller Plus 2 Kayaks for my GF and I:
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