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  1. I saw the Monarchs too on Saturday! I thought one was trying to hitch a ride on my trolling rod🤣
  2. retired here and on the couch🤣
  3. Weve kept a few big ones but now are just keeping the eaters Stockon is only 15" TR 18" That's cool my son and I target Walleye and learning Table Rock all the time. We have found a few areas that weve been having some success with My son caught one this summer that was just shy of 27"
  4. Nice Eye ! How long you think he was?
  5. at least they arent being wasted by eating them
  6. Nice catches but I rather eat a Walleye than a bass, but that's jus me
  7. Thanks MO they were fun to catch. We chased/ located small schools with the depth finder and then drifted and jigged them with white plastics.
  8. Yes they call them Rock fish out there My buddy has caught some huge ones. He lives right on the Bay in a town called Churchton. He can launch his boat right from his back yard.😊
  9. Thanks John What part of Maryland you live ? I lived in MD> back in the late 60s in a town called Bowie when I was a teenager. Still have a lot of friends out there I stay in touch with. Went out there last year and fished for Stripers in the Chesapeake Bay
  10. So far in Table Rock Ive not seen or caught a yellow perch.
  11. we don't know Table Rock enough to know your term the upper end ?
  12. yea we've caught a bunch of big sunfish trolling spinners with crawlers, stealing our bait, been reading a lot about plastics on the spinners so I might get a wild hair and try it🤣
  13. Tim M


    We are fishing for walleye to eat as well but make sure we are keeping legal size eyes. If I was able to catch a monster I want to be able to find a certified scale nearby and hopefully return it to the water as the big ones are the broodstock.
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