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  1. Gentleman, Ive been wanting to come up from NWA for sometime to fish Taney for the first time. I have a narrow 13ft Alumacraft with a 7.5 Johnson, is this adequate and enough outboard to safely fish the lake. Thanks.
  2. I grew up in the small town of Poulsbo on the olympic peninsula across the puget sound from Seattle.
  3. Thank you Everyone for you Replies. Looks like I need to get out and give them a try. Ill have to stop by lilleys and grab some jigs to throw as well!
  4. First I've been lurking for awhile and finally joined the board. Ive really enjoyed reading yall's Reports. I have a question for you veterans of the lake. I grew in the Pacific Northwest fishing for lakes and streams for trout. Our go to lures were Mepps spinners and small spoons, with all the reports i've read no one seems to be utilizing either of these. Are they just not effective on Tany or did the fishery just develop as a jig fishery? would i be wasting my time coming up there and trying my tried and true techniques from the PNW?
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