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  1. While I don’t target walleye I caught a couple of 22 inch + eyes last March/April. Was fishing swimbaits on Long Creek just past Cricket Creek Marina.
  2. All of us here understand how the world works....$=votes. So why not solicit the aid of someone with a lot of money and connections with powerful people, AND is a native of the area AND promotes himself to be THE conservationist of our time on the same order as Teddy Roosevelt. Or is his corporation part of the problem. Your not going to stop progress, i.e. growth but it has to be growth that benefits all stakeholders, or at least as many as possible.
  3. Fish of a lifetime WOW, Congrats Bill
  4. My guess is, generally largemouth bass are distributed fairly equally around the lake in a macro sense. In a micro sense time of year, water temp / clarity, weather effects etc dictates where your find largemouths. I think most would agree that a person could catch a nice stringer or a trophy LM anywhere on this lake from Holiday Island to Cape Fair to Cricket Creek. IMHO
  5. Only had a couple of hours yesterday so fished the marina docks and a couple of points within sight of the marina. Launched at 1:00 and was thankful the clouds were going to hold for a while. WT 86-87, wind SW 5-10mph, cloudy. Caught 4 shorts on flukes and 2 on swim jig pitching into the shade around the docks. Moved out to fish a couple of points and caught a couple of short smallmouths and this nice keeper. Sun popped out around 2:30 and reminded me that I don’t do HOT. Hope I have better reports in the future, but I guess 9 fish in 90 minutes in August midday is too shabby.
  6. That would be one of my better days for sure!!! Congrats
  7. That’s exactly the setup i’m considering.....would you mind giving me a ballpark number on what it cost? Also you’ve had it a month....how do you like it? Anything you would change? Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Roger that Champ, thanks. I see by ur profile that you live in Washington.....pretty little town. I moved here from Union. Thanks again for the advice.
  9. Since this is my first posting I should start by thanking everyone for their postings since I started following a couple of years ago. After a 20 year absence from fishing the Rock I retired and we moved Back to the area. Had it not been for your postings regarding baits, presentations, and location I would have struggled mightily to find and catch. THANKS FOR YOUR POSTINGS. I will be contributing in the future and can only hope to be of help to other anglers as you all have helped me. I am currently fishing out of Long Creek. i’m running a Lund Impact 1875 with 150 Mercury four stroke. I have two humminbird 999 running si at the helm and di up front. I have I-pilot link with a MinnKota Terrova 80 tm. I am considering two Helix 10 with a new trolling motor w/built-in transducer. I wish I was more adept to this type of updating. Unfortunately i’m A danger with a wrench. Which brings me to my inquiry. What marine dealers or individuals would you trust to provide accurate information, do reliable work, and be able to answer questions? Since i’m Going to be spending 5k+ on this I want to be certain that everything is properly installed and operating as it should. THANKS in advance for any direction you can provide. TightLines
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