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  1. Schwan’s is always my top priority too Fish......Thanks for the report!
  2. Thanks a million for the report Bill....your the best teacher I ever had, and one of the few I listened too.
  3. Where: Breadsley Branch When: 7:30 - 1:00, Thursday Jan. 2 WT 48-49 Cloudy, light wind SW 7 boated all keepers 4 - Ice jig 2 - Swimbait 1 - A rig Questions?
  4. I want to get my boat ready to sell and need to have it cleaned and polished. Since it’s an aluminum boat I’d like to find someone who is proficient at removing stains and polishing. Clean the carpets, live wells, etc. I’d do it myself but my elbows ran out of grease about a decade ago. Any suggestions/referrals will be appreciated, THANKS
  5. Smoke hallucinations!!!!! That guy’s priceless
  6. I also arrived at the gentlemanly hour of 10:00 and knew I had just a few hours so fished from Long Creek marina to the state line. Picked up a couple of shorts at the big bend on a 1/2 oz jewel green gourd football jig and a Zoom speed craw green with orange glitter. Just past the boat dock on the right at the bluff end caught this nice smallmouth. Had a total of 7 fish with 3 keeps. Fished mostly creek mouths to halfway back, bluff ends. Every fish in the jig combo. WT 63-64. Off the water just past 2. Enjoyed every second.
  7. Beautiful, healthy fish.....THANKS for putting her back.
  8. Sounds like you threw the tackle box at them.....I’ve got a $50,000 boat and enough tackle to open a well stocked store, and I can’t tell you how many days of fishing I’ve had with no bites. But I can tie on lures like a champ!!! As I get older I find that I enjoy the serenity and beauty of being out in nature “almost” as much as getting my line stretched. ALMOST
  9. Thanks to all for the help.
  10. Headed out of the marina early today ready to battle the wind. But surprisingly the wind was very tame for the first couple of hours so I headed out towards the dam and started fishing about half way back in Clevenger cove. WT 64 with a nice stain. Started throwing a square bill with no love so started banging the bottom and whatever wood I could find with a rock crawler and “bang” had my first nice keeper smallmouth in about 8 fow. Moved up the Powerline cove and had 2 nice Largemouths about halfway way back. Both came off gravel/rock in about 8-10 fow. Fished by way to the back and had 2 mor
  11. Where is Sportsman’s Outfitters???? Can’t seem to find them online.
  12. Most folks I know don’t enjoy writing about or reading about those days when nothing is caught. And there are sooooo many of them!
  13. I have had occasional luck fishing that area from Branson Belle to Dewey Short. Focus on the point at Dewey Short. Think Smallies GOOD LUCK
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