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  1. Do the smaller ponds and lakes freeze over in the winter in the St Louis area? I'm accustomed to icefishing during the winter here in central Iowa, its the only way to keep fishing during the cold months. If I had a choice, I'd prefer to just keep fishing open water all winter. Crappies and bigger bass especially stay pretty active during the winter. Oh, and about the trout. What size (length) trout does Missouri generally stock? Iowa stocks trout generally in the 11"-12" range. When I lived in Illinois, seems like they stocked larger trout...like maybe 14"-16" range. Again, I let everything go, but just wondered what sizes to expect.
  2. Attached a few more pics. As someone who has never been there...the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area lakes look very intriguing...since they are close to St. Louis. What are your guys' experiences and reviews of those lakes? Are they worth going to? Too much pressure, or not too crowded?
  3. Yes, thank you! I agree....looks like I've found the right place! 😀
  4. Absolutely! I love fishing pictures too... I'll see if I can get some attached here: A couple nice flyrod-caught Smallies from a central Iowa stream: 19" Brown from NE Iowa: Bullhead on the fly! Channel catfish on a topwater bass fly: Brook Trout from NE Iowa: Lunch hour carp on fly: My Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler....pretty fun to fish from! 21.25" Bass:Pumpkinseed Sunfish:
  5. Wow that's some clear water! I'm from Iowa, but will be moving to MO within the year. I'm not accustomed to seeing water like that. That's beautiful!
  6. Actually, FishnDave is a nickname bestowed upon my by my long-time friend's father. Back in our college days, my friend's dad knew I liked to fish, as did both of them...and so he would ask, "How's Fish'n Dave doing?" I liked it....and so it has stuck...for the past 30+ years. Speaking of college..I got a BS degree in Biology, with a Fish & Wildlife minor, and while taking classes I worked for a year for a professor doing a research project on the aquaculture of walleye. I loved fish and fishing and wanted to be a Fisheries Biologist. When I graduated, I discovered there were very few such jobs, and very low turnover rates. A Master's degree would have helped, but I was tired of being a poor college student. Like everyone else, I made my way into the world. My love for fish and fishing has never waned. I enjoy catching any and all species of fish. I was fortunate to spend 7 years in north-central Illinois, near some good smallmouth bass streams and some good small lakes. It is there I began teaching myself flyfishing... way before the days of internet information and helpful YouTube videos. I didn't get hooked on it right away, but after moving back to Iowa, everything clicked, and flyfishing is now my preferred approach to catching pretty much everything, from carp and catfish to trout and bass, and from white bass and redear sunfish to crappies and gar. I was elected to 2 annual terms as President of Central Iowa Anglers, and served additional years on its Board of Directors. I still live in a town in central Iowa....one that has tripled in size in the 18 years I've lived here, and is one of the fastest growing places in the U.S. Its a great small city just north of Des Moines, with just over 60,000 residents, and over 20 PUBLIC PONDS! I've got probaby 9 of them within a 10-minute drive from my house. Its hard to drive by them just to go farther to fish somewhere else. I'm spoiled. I'm currently in my very early 50's. My 2 kids are both in college. As it turns out, my wife and I...along with our younger child... are planning to move to the St. Louis area in the Spring/Summer of 2020. And that's why I'm here. Having moved about a bit, I know it takes a fair amount of time and effort to learn all new places to fish. I also know social media is a BAD place to discuss specific fishing spots. Any tips and suggestions will be very appreciated, I also enjoy "doing the research". I've ordered some books on Missouri smallmouth bass streams. The MDC fishing apps and website are informative, although I wish there was more specific details on some things. I feel like maybe I haven't found all the good information sources for Missouri fishing yet. If you can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that! One thing I've been wondering about...Iowa's laws say that folks can fish any rivers in the state that flow year-round...as long as they stay within the riverbed...although there are also some such streams in NE Iowa's Driftless region that are considered private and trespassing is not allowed even if you stay in the water. What are Missouri's laws on that? Let's see....what else....I'm a CPR angler (catch-photo-release). I do tie MOST of my own flies...I will buy some on occasion. I have a blog I've sort of slowed up on: www.fishndave.blogspot.com ..and if any of you are on Instagram, I've been posting my fishing pictures there for a number of years... my username there is "fishndave68". Thanks for reading this far. Expect to see me pop in more frequently with questions as it gets closer to the time we move to MO. You guys are the experts!
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