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  1. I've really liked the jigheads you made for me, Jim. Last weekend I was using some store-bought heavy duty fly jigheads that I've also really liked...and the lead fell off one head, and the hook broke on another. I was shocked! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the trees and brush I kept bouncing my fly off during backcasts.... 😄
  2. Ask Siri! She may not know everything, but she'll help you figure it out. 😜 Would checking the weather of Cape Fair tell you what you need, or does the local environment you want sit down in lower elevation from the rest of the town?
  3. Nice going, Oklahoma. They are recognizing that they are real, but Sasquatch are a people, not an animal. That's like opening a hunting season on Native American Indians. Over 100 DNA samples were collected from all across North America and tested by multiple independent labs. The results show a female contribution that is 100% match to humans, and a male contribution that is something completely unknown. Finding Bigfoot is a farce. Its been reported that Moneymaker uses reports people share with BFRO to locate and hunt/kill Sasquatch. There may be some bad apples with Sasquatch
  4. In Iowa, some lakes have live cameras that you can check online to see what the lake conditions look like. Some just post an updated picture every couple of minutes, and you can go back and check previous times. Like...one time my buddy texted me while I was at work, told me to check the camera at a nearby lake. I did...and I could see my buddy walking out on the lake to do some icefishing. 😃 I don't know if there's anything like that in MO....maybe some other folks can chime in? Update...I found this TV weather camera feed for Table Rock....would this be helpful? https://ww
  5. Shoot, I don't have a pickup. I sold my Hobie Outback kayak in 2018, replaced it with this Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler (part of Jackson Kayaks company). For which I have a trailer. I've only used it on lakes, not on moving water yet. Seems like it might be good enough for slower streams with water that doesn't require much dragging through. I've got a paddle and a pushpole, but neither of those is as efficient on this as the pedal/propellor.
  6. I find this intriguing. Are you floating solo? How do you manage your vehicle for the start and end of your float?
  7. 36 degrees and cloudy on Saturday, Jan. 16. I finally made it out flyfishing for the first time this year. Caught 15 Rainbow Trout in 3 hours. I only measured one...this one was 15":
  8. I'm finally on the board with my first species of the year. (FND01) Rainbow Trout
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