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  1. I haven't been exactly secretive about where I've been fishing. Do you think some the creeks I'm on hold smallies that big? I'm glad you posted because these low clear streams are my current obsession. I think I'll start taking the 8wt and chucking big deceivers and dear hair poppers like I'm used to in the north
  2. This is the plan once my girl moves here with me but she's finishing up a job in a our last state and will be here just in time for fall fishing.
  3. Thanks to all of you friendly fly flinging fishermen I have just ordered a bunch of new materials to tie up some new patterns. Got stuff to tie up this Senko worm imitation, this Sneaky pete, and this Sparkle Minnow and to restock my box of woolly buggers because its embarrassingly empty.
  4. Hey FishnDave, We been chatting on one of my posts and I just found your introduction. As others have said, helluva resume! Welcome!
  5. I don't see anything wrong with encouraging responsible fishing methods. I just wanted to clarify. I'll take my 8wt to the creek with me next time I go. Happy to help! I appreciate your suggestions too. I've only been here since July but I'm enjoying learning the new fishing tactics.
  6. Well now it seems that maybe we should try to figure out how to catch them on flies. I know guys fish for common carp on freshwater "flats" so it seems feasible that we could find a way to get the suckers to bite too.
  7. Thanks for the ID fellas. I've been catching lots of them on wooly buggers. Aggressive little fish!
  8. This is exactly what is be tempted to do too! I'm new to this state so these conditions are very interesting to me. I keep exploring these creeks that aren't flowing looking for this exact situation because I'm curious.
  9. You're micro fisherman aren't you? I think I looked at your profile before. I actually meant to ask for specific IDs of these fish since I don't know them but here ya go!
  10. First off thanks for pushing those responsible fishing practices, I follow them closely since I really only catch and release. I do however like to feel the fish - that's what I meant when I said the 8wt overpowers them. I'm willing to help a fish recover twice as long as it took me to land it, that's the rule I follow and I never touch a fish without wetting my hands first. I have been fishing my orvis 5wt so I'll look into overlining it. I've been thinking about possibly picking up a 6wt for this type of fishing too. I suppose I could try overlining my 5wt with 6wt line and then just pi
  11. You're right, I'll tie up some small deceivers. I forgot that was an option๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† Those are some nice looking flies, wrench. Thanks for the suggestions! I find the bigger rod just overpowers the fish and takes some of the fun out of small creek fishing. I also want the recipe for bottom right. What a great looking fly! ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. Hey fellas, I'm not used to fly fishing bass on these small clear creeks. All of my bass fishing on flies has been up in Wi or Mi so I would throw big decievers or clousers on my 8 wt. Down here the fish are smaller (on the creeks I'm targeting) so the 8wt is overkill. I've been using my 5wt and I can't really throw the patterns I'm used to with it, I think they'd be too big anyway. So what patterns do you guys use for bass on the skinny water? I've been successful on basic buggers but I'm trying to hone in on something more specific.
  13. Caught some beautiful fish today! 7 bass, 10 longears, 2 bluegills, 1 shiner, and a couple suckers. Not bad for 4 hours, couldn't think of a better way to spend it.
  14. That's a unique fishing experience for sure. I'll remember that next time I go out. I'm really starting to enjoy these strange fishing conditions because it's so different.
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