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  1. Thank you Fish24/7! That is not pink, but I did find the model number (V15) - Which hovers from $30-85 on Ebay (used). Mine is not used, with better paint on them. Still good!
  2. Thank you Quillback! Helpful to know Mag Warts & the demand for Craw colors (which I do not have) is exactly the type of info i'm after. I've been tracking on eBay for the last few weeks, and I do plan on executing the sale there.
  3. Yes sir! Some of the best info I've seen was gathered from this very site from members over the decade plus. I included that in my findings & spreadsheet. But I am stuck on some of the model/colors that I just can't seem to find.
  4. Hi all, This is J, I'm a Crappie guy and been fishing for nearly 3 decades with my family. Had to take a break for awhile, but here I am! Joining because from reading all the research this group seems to be the most fun and knowledgeable
  5. EDIT: Thank you for all the help group! I really appreciate it Removed and reposting with better info in the near future.
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