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  1. Thank you Fish24/7! That is not pink, but I did find the model number (V15) - Which hovers from $30-85 on Ebay (used). Mine is not used, with better paint on them. Still good!
  2. Thank you Quillback! Helpful to know Mag Warts & the demand for Craw colors (which I do not have) is exactly the type of info i'm after. I've been tracking on eBay for the last few weeks, and I do plan on executing the sale there.
  3. Yes sir! Some of the best info I've seen was gathered from this very site from members over the decade plus. I included that in my findings & spreadsheet. But I am stuck on some of the model/colors that I just can't seem to find.
  4. Hi all, This is J, I'm a Crappie guy and been fishing for nearly 3 decades with my family. Had to take a break for awhile, but here I am! Joining because from reading all the research this group seems to be the most fun and knowledgeable
  5. Hello board, In the next few weeks i'm prepping to say goodbye to the Wiggle Wart collection. Which includes, I believe the V44 / Blue Mackerel (per Brett Walker on Youtube). For the past few weeks I have read almost every single link/image I could find on Google/eBay in preparation, and I’m at the end of the road for additional information. I know for a fact that I have a few rare pieces in here…. But I’m not sure exactly which ones! I do not want to list that this is “rare” when in reality it’s a piece of @#*&. I want the buyer to know exactly what they are buying, and for me not to undersell something. I have split my collection into different models, and colors to hopefully help - The biggest being the Wiggle Warts. For example: I know the “Blue Mackerel” is one of the rarest out there, and has sold for hundreds on eBay- But what about the bigger one in the same color way? I am turning to you experts fisherman and collectors for help. I’m going to spend the next few weeks posting across multiple different boards and media to gather and learn as much as I can so that in the end I can present neatly to the fishing community accurate and transparent models/make etc. So my question to you all - Which one should I pay close attention too? Rarest? *Your guestimated price helps as well as colorway and codes Here is a link to a spreadsheet to my research (work in progress) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-QWvf2FtJeyOwcf4N-j3HIQXPr5AI215t1g4qacvWSw/edit?usp=sharing Additional info: -Under the lip, in black are the words "WIGGLE WART" printed on them (Or Steelie/Wee/etc). -Some of the boxes on the back doesn’t match the lure inside, they are temporary holders and protector of the lure. So I can’t look up by their code... -Most are brand new sealed, in original box, or open box. The "Painters" or "used" that don't have a box and on the white piece of paper as shown. Overall I would say these are in great condition. FAQ: Q: Can I make you an offer? Right here, right now? A: Sure, you may make me an offer... But I may put you on the waitlist until all my research is complete, I don’t want to rush into anything. Q: Can I get more photos? A: Of course! Which one? If I can provide more photos of something to help, I will. But I also don’t want to spend all my time and energy in taking a photo of an item that isn’t rare at all Additionally you can email me directly: Jjusttheletterj@gmail.com Thank you for your time, and help!!
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