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  1. Thanks for the reply Quillback. I'm new to this forum. I've lived in NWA for almost a year and been reading the posts all along. I finally decided to sign up and be part of it. That said, I went fishing both days this weekend for a few hours. Saturday I ran into a school of small whites near sunset. Got a bunch of them and a few small bass on kastmaster silver 1/2 oz. I used a sharpie to add a black dot on the lure. Yesterday a went in the afternoon, ended up getting 2 3lb. bass on texas-rigged junebug powerworms in 2-5ft of water in the back of a cove. That was my last resort and it worked. I fished deeper water and threw everything with no luck before that. No stripers spotted down there yet, but it looks as though the higher and cooler water is bringing some fish in.
  2. Bass fishing has been tough down there for awhile. The water going down and cooling down was just starting to make fishing a little better. The rain and water going back up put the kabosh on that. pulled one nice bass out on a white chatterbait at sunrise. Had been getting of small ones on spooks, plastic worms, jerkbaits, and small spoons that match the size of the shad. This is my first fall here, any suggestions for good baits this time of year or type of water best to fish? Not seeing any big fish down there like spring.
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