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  1. Welcome. I’m a transplant myself having moved to Springfield in November. You will learn a lot on this site. I know I have in short time I’ve been here.
  2. So being new to Missouri (Springfield), having moved here at the beginning of November, I figured the best way to catch fish in winter is to down size and finesse fish and that has worked. Ned, senko, small Texas rig worm/craw is my go to this time of year especially when shore fishing or wading. What are some of your go to lures and techniques this time of year?
  3. Bass have been biting pretty good on a Ned at Lake Springfield. I’ve been using a the craw ( forgot the name) and a TRD and have caught them pretty decently. Been there 3 times all from the bank ( got rid of Jon boat before I moved, want a better one or kayak) and caught 5, then 10, then 5 again in stints under 2 1/2 hrs. Colors I used were Canada Craw and The deal. A few fish came on Tx rig zoom finesse worm in watermelon red but the Ned has worked better. None of the fish had much size but I had to get at least one pic.
  4. I’d have to say a trip to the boundary waters for a week. Or any trip to some trophy smallmouth waters.
  5. Hi I just moved to Springfield from Texas. I love bass and crappie fishing but really like to catch anything that swims. Looking to meet people on here to go fishing with and learn the lakes around here. I sold my boat before moving so I will be relegated to the bank for awhile. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself.
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