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  1. Went back today. 7am to 1230. 22 bass in the boat. 3 under 12 inches. We have never caught that many on TRL. All top water on poppers. Would have had more but had a bunch of hookups but come off. My buddy put on a school and hates top water fishing. Last I heard he was going by the tackle shop. Bull Shoals is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  2. We put in at the bottom of the hill. The ramp with the parking lot is still under water. We launch and park on the side of the road with everyone else.
  3. So I normally fish TRL, but have finally had it with heavy boat traffic and high fishing pressure. A buddy talked me into fishing with him last Friday. What a difference. Boat traffic was minimal and few fishing boats. First trip to the lake and we were quite successful. Big worms were the ticket. Saturday we went back. Poppers were the ticket. Skipped Sunday but fished Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was my best day in a couple of years. Caught them on top again and then big worms. Every now and then a spinner bait or square bill worked. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this past week. Oh, we tar
  4. Thank you very much. Did a Google search and that place popped up with good reviews.
  5. Can anyone recommend a local reel repair shop or individual? Got a Revo with some issues. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  6. Awesome. Looks like ya had fun.
  7. Thanks for sharing your report. Sounds like a great day.
  8. Doesn’t rain long but when it does it comes on down. 1.43” at the house so far today. Much more to come I’m sure.
  9. Facebook post within the last hour regarding water releases.
  10. Lew’s reels. Like someone said. Sportsman’s Factory Outlet in Springfield. Reconditioned and new reels on special are usually available. Great people too.
  11. Buddy and I went for a couple of hours today. 2 1/2 hours is all we could take due to the windy conditions. Caught 6 total. All chunky keepers on the lower end between the dam and Big Cedar. All in about 3 feet of water on swimbaits. Was going to throw a weightless senko but too dang windy. Got tired of having to be on the TM constantly so we put it on the trailer and headed to the house. Boy and I are going tomorrow. Looks to be beautiful. Bet there will be quite a few boats out there too. Y’all have a good night and tight lines.
  12. Thanks for the info sir. Sales are good, although my wife may not agree when it comes to my spring fishing orders. Haha.
  13. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought we were going to find much clearer water. We were a little ways south of the dam.
  14. Yeah. Every one of the fish we caught looked like they just got done with Thanksgiving Dinner.
  15. So my 16 year old is NOT an avid fisherman. He likes to go here and there. Well we out late this morning. Turned into a special day. First day to drive the boat. He did a good job as I knew he would. Then fished for a few hours. His best day fishing since relocating up here 4 years ago. He caught his first Smallie that went 3lbs, then his PB at 3lbs 7oz. Every fish he caught today was over 2lbs. And he out fished me. I think I was more excited than he was today. Gotta love making these memories. Today we keyed in on the Shad. All of his were on Underspin swimbaits. Size made the difference. 2
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