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  1. Looks like a great time! Norfork has fished good lately.
  2. I didn’t think about the water being 44’ at the bottom of the gates. I guess that puts in perspective how high the lake really is. I plan to be on the river tomorrow.
  3. Only thing I can figure out is demand for power is so low that running water through the generators is a money losing proposition for them. I worry about the effect that warmer lake water has on the fishery.
  4. We fished a tournament Saturday and it was the same deal. You would have thought it would have been a great topwater bite but we only had one blowup. We ran up past Tucker Hollow and caught a lot of smallmouth. The majority of fish we saw weighed in were smallmouth.
  5. Looked like a huge caddis hatch in the state park yesterday evening.
  6. Beautiful fish! How is the water looking? Much trash and moss?
  7. Only had a few hours to fish. Caught a nice brown and a big cutty. Had some good rainbows too. 1/16 jigs.
  8. Wanted a change of scenery so I headed for Norfork. Caught plenty but no big ones. Saw a lot of bass swimming around that probably made the trip over the spillway, and caught one little largemouth. Lost a nice walleye and a nice cutthroat. I haven’t fished the Norfork in about 20 years, so I need to spend some more time on it. Best producer was 1/16 jig.
  9. You could run one at Lobo at all water levels if you’re careful, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not a big river and it’s more suited to flat bottoms.
  10. Biggest one I’ve ever caught. It made for several great meals for my wife and myself.
  11. Pretty much stayed in the C&R area by the dam all day. Water has been a steady 7 units approx for a while and yesterday was no different. Had probably my best day for stud rainbows ever, caught a couple of decent browns, and a few cutts. Caught a decent smallmouth up there, but the bonus of the day was a 8.03 lbs walleye. Caught everything on D2 and Zig Jigs.
  12. It looked that way. First day of the year to be open and everybody went there. They trashed up the river pretty bad on Sat with all the boat wakes.
  13. Fished two days from Narrows to the Dam. It was a real circus up at the C&R, especially on Sat, but we caught a few up there and saw a big rainbow. Hard to get them dialed in, but did catch a good one on Sunday. Had to find spots out of the current where jig could make it to bottom without getting hung up. Caught everything on 1/8 oz jigs.
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