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  1. So currently the ramp at ruark bluff is good to use as well as the courtesy dock?
  2. I was just looking for some smaller fish for my wife to catch. I was really shocked what was there. We also repeated that up closer to shell knob.
  3. First trip of the year with my wife. Got to the ramp at about 9am. Surprised to only see a couple other boats. Spent the first couple hours playing with new electronics. Started fishing some points and cove mouths, nothing. After a short lunch break, I went a little farther back in panther creek. That was the ticket. Spent the rest of the day fishing the back of coves. We caught 14, 7 keepers. Spinnerbait was my wifes choice, I used a Spinnerbait, rock crawler, and wiggle wart. I was shocked how shallow these fish were. Our bigger fish were females. WT 50-51. Wife got big fish. Again
  4. Thank you everyone for the help.
  5. Thanks for all the information. Alot to choose from. The Wheeler video was really interesting.
  6. I have heard humminbird 2d isnt real good. What exactly makes it worse than the others?
  7. Getting ready to replace some Lowrance units, thinking about going to Humminbird. Looking at getting a couple helix units. Anyone done this? My Lowrance units are Elite Ti units. Also has anyone had a gen 2 helix and gen3 helix? Was there much difference? I found a good deal on a new gen 2 helix 12, but not sure if the gen 3 is alot better? Thanks for any help.
  8. I saw a guy on tv named Mike talking about Spro baits. 😁
  9. Followed the forum for a long time, finally decided to join in. What do you guys think about this one? Meanmouth?
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