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  1. With Trevor Byrd catching his personal best walleye on Stockton the other day it got me to thinking it would be fun to hear what everyone's personal best on Stockton is. And what did you catch it on?
  2. These fronts r coming so fast the walleye have gotten a little difficult for me. Today had six keepers 2 shorts. Had 3 keepers bottom bouncing in 12 to 16 ft. Pulling at about .8 mph. Using new floating butterfly blade from northland. The r very good at keeping you from getting hung up as much. The other 3 keepers came on pitching jig and plastics to the normal pool bank line. About 5 ft deep. Working out to about 10 ft.
  3. A little tougher today. Had 4 keepers and 1 short fished by myself. All the reports I am seeing r saying around 20ft deep. I am catching mine around 12 to 14. Bottom bouncing. Fish were released.
  4. Biggest one was 24 inches. Actually caught him pitching plastics on a 3/8 jig. See I do other things besides bottom bounce. Lol caught 3 that day doing that in about an hour and a half.
  5. Well we have caught 3 over past 3 trips. They think they r walleye I guess.? Lol
  6. Had 3 trips this week. Had a total of 38 keepers and 14 shorts. Felt honored to have shared the boat with some awesome people. Pics from the last 2 days. Bottom bouncing points and banks leading into the coves 12 to 18 ft best.
  7. You should have texted me. We would have loved to seen you guys
  8. Took my favorite client out today fished about 5 hours. Had 16 keepers and 3 shorts bottom bouncing harnesses. Took our 8 home today. Don't do that very often but need to get a little reserve going.
  9. Finally.. I have been terrible on Stockton so far this year. Fished for about 7 hours yesterday. Finally found a few with about an hour and a half to fish. Ended with 5 keeper. Took home a limit. It was hard to quit when I was still catching them. Could not keep bass off the harnesses. Caught several small mouth and large mouth and spots. All were caught bottom bouncing with harnesses. 16ft was best.
  10. Glad your back on the water. Looks like a pretty good catch to me.
  11. Yes. I just bought one. I am just learning how to use it. I used it last week on Stockton . I couldn't find any walleye but was cruising trying to find shad balls. Never did find any but saw some under water trees on my lowrance and decided to get the livescope out. Started seeing some fish swimming around the trees drop a jig and crawler down to them and low and behold boom. Saw him hit the jig. They were catfish. Not what we were looking for but cool anyways. Next drop saw a fish suspended about 6 ft from the bottom in 30ft of water. Could follow my jig down when it got to the fishes level flipped my bail and half a second later there he was. Another catfish. Ended up catching 4 in short order. It was really eye opening although nit what we were after but would have never even fished in that spot with out it. I am very excited about getting to learn it. I think it will be a great tool.
  12. Hey guys thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.
  13. Where is a good place around stockton lake to get minnows and do they have any size to them. Every time I try to buy any (around clinton) they r so small I can't believe people can get them on a hook.
  14. Everyone have a safe NYE. No drinking and driving. I am finally on the mend from knee surgery and went out and caught my last walleye of 2019. 7lb 1oz
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