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  1. So far I think the bottom pattern and profile is my favorite. I'm also trying out a new nanosilk thread that I picked yesterday from Semperfli. It may not be ideal for this type of fly but it's really thin and supposed to be super strong so I thought it might work well for small nymphs where I need some extra wraps without building up too much bulk. Its a little slick but seems to work well so far.
  2. I think darker would work better as well. I played around with a few different colors of laser dub that I have, as well as a few different profiles. The neat thing about this fly is that, when you coat it with the glue, you can form it to whatever profile you want. So I can do a tall skinny profile for blue Gill, long and thin for minnows or whatever bait I’m trying to imitate.
  3. I’m stuck at home today so on my quest to branch out and catch more species on my fly rod this year I decided to try my hand at some baitfish patterns. This was my first attempt at the Hoo Fly developed by Johnny King. He developed it as a saltwater pattern but I don’t know why I couldn’t change the colors and make it work around here. As long as it catches fish I think I’m going to like it. Super quick and easy to tie, which is a huge plus for me, and it only uses craft fur and laser dub.
  4. Red brassies in size 16 worked well for us in the beginning last year as well but they stopped producing over the summer.
  5. I did well with pink and orange frenchies last fall. I have yet to catch a Crane Creek trout on a wooly bugger but that doesn't stop me from throwing them lol.
  6. I’m light on flies right now but I picked up a few things from the fly shop and hope to do some tying this weekend. If I can get a few tied up I’m going to head down there one day next week and try my luck.
  7. Duck season kept me busy (not to mention work) so I haven't been to Crane Creek recently. In this lull between duck season and turkey season my mind has turned back to fishing and I find myself missing this little stream. I'd love to hear some stories if anyone has been lately.
  8. It was my first attempt at tying jigs. I'm pleased with how they turned out. The craft fur and eyes I already had so all I needed were the jig heads. They were $9.50 for 50 plus another $5 per 50 to have them powdercoated so I'm not out much.
  9. I have access to some private land not far from there where we duck hunt. Usually do pretty well there as far as the white bass go. I tied some crappie jigs for a friend of mine the other day and liked the way they looked. I think I’m going to try some clousers in the same color schemes.
  10. You aren't kidding. I only totaled 29 ducks for the year and it definitely wasn't for lack of effort!
  11. Thanks! I'll take all the help I can get. I've started watching/reading some stuff on white bass fishing with a fly rod and tying different types of baitfish patterns. You're suggestion about heavier weighted flies makes sense to me, coming from a spin fishing background until a couple years ago, because I couldn't figure out how guys were getting those airweight flies (unweighted craft fur patterns and such) down deep enough. Maybe they are usingpoly leaders and such. I bought an intermediate line but now I'm thinking I should also go get a Type III line as well.
  12. I've been wanting to get into fly fishing for bigger species for a little while now, but I spent so much money on duck hunting equipment this year this year I figured I better give the bank account a rest. Yesterday I was in the Bass Pro outlet and found a Redington 8wt, Cabelas SR3 reel, and a Rio sinking line all for about $100. They may not be the most elegant setup in the world but I ran it by a couple people who are better acquainted with fly fishing stuff than I am and they both said those pieces of kit will fish just fine. I also stopped by the fly shop and grabbed stuff to tie up some
  13. I'm married so I no longer have to worry about such frivolous things......
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