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  1. Tried one today alongside a white bass, small channel cat, and crappie. The drum was the worst of the mess but far from terrible. They were all fried the same way , the drum just had a more mushy texture. That surprised me because the filet was firm and the cleanest white color of the bunch. Overall, if it served by itself rather than with superior species, I'd never think I was eating drum. Note, all were under a pound when caught and all but the crappie were caught in the Mississippi River on Tuesday. Also, the ranking for me was crappie #1, then white bass, baby channel cat, then drum.
  2. "Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, makes Sheriff Buford T Justice look like a possum's pecker." "Watch your language little lady." "
  3. Tried fishing a couple accesses on the river but the water was rising fast and getting dirty. Ended up catching a few pickerel in the backwater pool by the Alley Spring access. First time catching pickerel so it was worth the trip!
  4. Great info guys. Are there any resources online to check water temperature for these rivers too?
  5. That's actually helpful, thanks! I've got it bookmarked now and probably will be checking it weekly.
  6. Thanks guys, for now the plan is the Current but we'll see how things look before we leave.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm sorry that my first post on here is asking for advice but I'm stuck. What river would I have the best chance at catching smallies during a mid-March timeframe? I want to put my brother-in-law on some fish and that's the only time this year that our schedules line up. Rivers that I have looked into so far are the Current, Gasconade and Osage Fork, NFoW, Bryant Creek, Jacks Fork, Black, St Francis, and Big Piney rivers. It seems like I fully sell myself on a river and then see a flaw the makes me apprehensive, such as the Black River smallmouth go down the Clearwater for the win
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