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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. KCJayhawk

    Zig Jig

    Reading this site looks like Zig Jig is the ticket Want to pick some up Went to web site but looked like I needed to buy a minimum of 4 dozen. Are they available in the local bait shops say in Cotter. Any color recommendation for general use, thinking olive? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I am glad to see so many responses. I have looked at VRBO and will definitely check out Riley's. Hopefully, this will work out and I can keep my annual father/son/grandson trip going as long as possible.
  4. I am planning a fishing trip to the White River. Have been going to outpost in Canada with Dad and son for last few years. Wanted to find something easier on My Dad. Have fished the White a few times but it has been decades. Staid at Gaston's once, camped once and hotel the other time. Another group is joining us who has limited fishing experience. Was considering renting a house on or near the river instead of staying at a Resort and finding someone to guide us. Probably 3 days. I am planning on doing this late spring or summer. Is there a time to avoid or target? Does it matte
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