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  1. There are always some fish shallow. There are home fish and schooling fish. Home fish never move and schooling fish do what you read in how to fish for bass magazines. The fishing this last weekend has been pretty bad on most of the lakes that I’ve heard. Truman was on fire and went 👎 this weekend smithville was the same. East wind, clear skies, high pressure and moon up during the day recipe for horrible fishing.
  2. Sounds like a fun trip!! Great job!!
  3. Thanks for letting everyone know. Wish I could be there but have the solo pro championship on Truman. Keep us informed about any others you have going on.
  4. The Reeves Brothers are having their little derby tomorrow thought I’d just go give it a whirl for the fun of it.
  5. Dutch I’d blame the weather!!
  6. Just got back to the house from dropping my ol’ buddy off. We had a wonderful day! I took him up the river where it would be calm. He’s a little wobbly on his legs these days, but he wanted to stand and fish. It wasn’t just a stellar day but we did catch some fish. I took videos of him and ran the trolling motor remotely from the drivers seat. To day was all about him!! Told him I wasn’t going to fish till he caught one and I’d stay out of his way. I have a video of him catching this fish but says file to big to download. Let me know if there’s another way to get it on here. His birthday was l
  7. Haven’t fished up that way much. Did fish a Osage Bass Club tournament one spring and caught a 6.50lber on a buzzbait
  8. We need to meet up sometime and go chunk a buzzer sometime!! I’ll even drive up to LOZ. Love fishing up there
  9. I was a member of Bolivar Bass Club and we won the( trying to recall) i think it was largest average pound per bass club
  10. I’m trying to remember what year it was. Had to be about those years. I fished the federation’s tournament on Truman Lake out of Osage Bluff
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