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  1. My old buddy and I are going out tomorrow till the boats get crazy. I hope I’m still getting with it like he is when I’m in my 80’s!!! He stays with it all day long!! Love this guy!!!
  2. I got a new phone and tried to log in and for some reason wouldn’t let me in. So just started a new account. I think that’s what you are asking???
  3. Nomolites, Like are you meaning my old account on here?
  4. Mo you’re right on when the A-rig came out it was wacking big fish. Seems to of calmed down a bit now. Think the fish are getting used to it but big limits sill get caught with it. I caught my pomme personal best on it. 9.12lb the one next to it is 6.51lb
  5. I remember a 83 tournament that my brother in law and I fished we sat on one spot and caught 101 keepers in 101 cast. They were just 13-13 1/2inches. Sounds crazy but that’s the way it was back then. 13-14” fish everywhere. If someone caught a 4 pounder it was an aww moment😮
  6. Used to be a lot from Bolivar landing to wheatland. You could catch fish just about every cast back then. Not very many big one but lots of quantity.
  7. Remember those good ol days!! How many remember fishing the water willow on the lake?? that should take you back a bit!!🤔
  8. SSteve, Actually the bass fishing has improved over the years. We used to fish 83 Marina tournaments where it took 10 fish limit to weigh 20lbs but now it’s 5 the weigh 20-26 or more. Back then you could go down the bank with just about anything and catch fish but now you have to work a bit more at it. Not saying that you can’t catch plenty of bass on the lake. The fish have changed a lot in the last 15 years. Fishing pressure has increased but I think just the boating pressure has a lot to do with fish behavior. I mean if someone rocks your house day after day you wouldn’t stay shallow either. I’ve never seen so many boats on pomme. It’s a mad house out there on the weekend!!!
  9. Fished Stockton Saturday and Sunday. Sunday fished the solo pro and sucked it up big time!! Went to pomme to day and redeemed myself that I know how to catch fish!! Went well had 13 keepers 9 were great ol biggins!! Only 2 I took pictures of🤔 but the last month has been outstanding!!
  10. Walter,Great weather, cold beer and KC wins!!
  11. Years ago when tournaments in early spring were tough. You could go up the river and catch them. I’m sure the ones you catch now in the lake are transplants from up there. A lot of them are mean mouths. Not to age myself but years ago 83 marina had tournaments with 10 fish limit and if you couldn’t get bit on the main lake then we used to break ice to get up there. There was a group of us that I’m sure over the years brought at least 100 or more to that weigh in. The largest one I can remember being caught was a little over 4lbs that my partner caught.
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